Friday, 24 June 2011

When I wrote my blog last week the PTA were deciding whether or not to have the Summer Fayre inside or outside. Those of you who attended will have found that the majority of it was inside but that I was outside on the Bouncy Castle. Unfortunately I did get soaked through (along with many others) but the weather did not appear to dampen the enthusiam of all the those who attended and we still managed to raise over £2000 so I would like to thank all the people involved with the Summer Fayre who helped to make it such a success and to everyone who turned up even though it rained.

The rain has continued to come down this week but we have not let it dampen our spirits in school . 'Health and Fitness' week has proved to be mosrt enjoyable.There have been lots of activities going on in school to help the children understand how to take care of themselves but the most popular seems to have been the Zumba sessions which proved to be a great way of having fun and keeping fit at the same time. Some of you may be getting demands from your children to sign them up for Zumba classes.

We were very proud of our children who took part in the 'Hertfordshire County Sports Finals' last  Friday. Both our netball and hockey teams were representing the Hatfield and Welwyn District in this event and we managed to reach the finals in both events. Congratulations to all those who took part and many thanks to Mr. Mills, Mrs.Eales and Mrs. Parkinson for all their hard work in coaching and preparing the teams.

I hope that next Thursday does not prove too much of an inconvenience for you. The teachers do not wish to disrupt the children's education but feel they need to make their feelings felt about the changes the government are trying to implement that will have a big impact on their future. I do thank you for your understanding in this matter.

We have  had a parent questioning our pricing of a school trip which they say another school did at a much cheaper rate. This is not the first time that a parent has questioned us about this and so I would just like to reassure all parents that when we set a price for a trip we divide the cost of the transport and entrance fee to the venue by the number of pupils in the class and that is the price we charge per head. It is possible that some schools subsidise the cost of the trip with school money but we do not do that in this school.  Instead we may pay for some of the shows and people that come into school to enrich the curriculum and charge the parents nothing for these. An example of things that we have paid for this year are the Christmas show, the dance teacher that came into school for 2 days after Easter, the artist that has been working with the whole school this year and, more recently, the zumba teacher that we had this week. Schools all choose their  own way of supporting the children's learning and this is the way we prefer to use our money.

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