Friday, 9 September 2011

Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a great summer holiday and are looking forward to the new term. I know we have only been back for a week but my holiday already seems a dim and distant memory. However, as usual, all the children have settled back into school extremely well and have all been enjoying 'Multi media' week. We decided on this theme because our brand new computer suite is now up and running and although there have been a couple of glitches with logging on the new computers appear to be very popular with the children. I would like to thank the PTA again for raising the money so that we were able to purchase our new computer suite. The difference it will make to the pupils' learning will be significant.

The Year 6 are holding the elections for house captains next week so have been hot on the campaign trail this week - I have even seen some cakes and brownies been given out so obviously our candidates are not above bribery! The election takes place next Friday and so I will let you know the results after that.

We have also had our 2 new members of staff join us this week. Mrs. Penny May in working in Year 1 and is covering Mrs. Richardson's maternity cover. Ms. Diane Simoneau is also joining us for the year in nursery.
Both have told me they have really enjoyed their first week and feel very fortunate to be part of such a lovely school community. I would like to thank everyone for making them feel so welcome.

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