Friday, 14 October 2011

First of all I must apologise for not ‘blogging’ last week but I was unable to open the system from home due to technical difficulties. As you will all know we have had OFSTED in this week. As I type this I do not know what the final outcome will be. I know as parents you will all be very eager to find out the result but we will not be able to make the result public until the report is officially published so please do not ask me next week as I am not allowed to answer the question. As with all OFSTED inspections I am sure they will have found things for us to work on and when we get the report we will certainly consider their advice if it will help to move the school forward.

I know that I will be seeing a lot of you next week as it is ‘Parent Consultation Week’ and I am looking forward to that as I feel that I have been missing from the school community recently and I have lost touch with a lot of people. For those of you coming on Thursday evening there will be refreshments provided by the PTA in the dining hall and I will be spending some of the evening in there. The teachers will be trying very hard to stick to their schedule so please do not get too upset if your appointment is a little late. Can I also ask you to stick to your 10 minutes and do not try to keep the teacher for longer than that. If there is an issue that you feel you need to discuss with the teacher in more detail ring the school after parents evening to book an appointment with the teacher on another occasion. Mrs Nixon will also be around so if you would like to book an appointment with her please contact the school office.

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