Friday, 11 November 2011

I feel like I have not been in school a lot this week so I find it hard to believe that it is already Friday. As I explained last week I had many meetings which meant that I have been out of school quite a lot. Something that I am really disappointed that I missed was the Year 4 assembly which I am told was excellent so congratulations to everyone involved with that.

This was the week that our Ofsted report went home. I would like to remind people that the Ofsted inspection gives a snap shot of the effectiveness of the school, with particular emphasis on the statistical analysis of results etc. Each term our SIP [school improvement partner] also visits the school to gauge our effectiveness. Our SIP recently graded the school as a good school with some outstanding characteristics.

Even in the best schools there are always areas for development and we will be publishing an Action Plan soon that will address these. As we continuously monitor the school’s effectiveness many of those areas already feature in our School Development Plan.

Progress and achievement [which is purely driven by the SATs results] were deemed to be satisfactory due to slightly lower scores being gained in 2010 than in previous years. This judgement however is already out of date as this year’s results were much improved and show better progress but the Ofsted process looks at results from a three year period. In fact in the Potters Bar area we were joint top for our SATs results.

As we wrote in the letter that accompanied the report if you have any comments to make regarding the inspection or the report please address them to our chair of Governors who will share them with all the governors at our next meeting which is on the 22nd of November. We will be publishing the action plan after it has been agreed with governors at this meeting.

As the Ofsted report showed the children enjoy their learning at Little Heath and I would like to thank all those parents who have taken the time to show their continuing support for the school.

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