Friday, 25 November 2011

It has been an exciting week in school this week with all the anti - bullying activities. Most of the children will be bringing home the tee shirts they made and although I could not attend the show myself the children all seemed to enjoy the anti - bullying show that was put on for them. It has been a fun week for the children we run this event so we can get across the important message that we do not accept bullying in this school. Sometimes we do have incidents of unacceptable behaviour and we do deal with these as soon as we find out about them. However, some children feel unable to report incidents when they happen so could I please ask you as parents to encourage your children to report any incidents as soon as they happen rather than waiting until they get home or wait until a few days after it has happened. Leaving them makes issues so much more difficult to resolve.

Next week we have another ‘Mufti Day’ on Friday. This time the children have to bring in something for the Christmas Fayre eg toiletries and sweets. This event is a great money spinner for the school and the more we raise the more your children benefit. Teachers will also be asking you via their blogs to send in items for the class Christmas hampers. I would like to thank you all for your efforts last week for ‘Children In Need’. Even though it was only planned at the last minute we managed to raise an impressive £237.50 for a very worthy cause.

Our chair sent out the timeline this week for getting the action plan out to parents in response to the Ofsted. It is going to take a little longer than we anticipated but you will receive it before the end of term.

I am glad to say that we have had a good response to our maths evening so the event will be definitely going ahead. If you have not yet returned your letter and would still like to attend then there is still time to do so. I look forward to seeing lots of you there – it should be a good night!

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