Friday, 2 December 2011

I am afraid I am starting my blog this week with a bit of a moan as we have had a few problems with parking this week. More and more people have started to park on the zig-zag yellow lines while waiting for their children to come out of school. Firstly, parking on the zig- zag yellow lines is illegal and somebody has been caught by a traffic warden this week but, more importantly, it also increases the chance of one of our children having an accident as they leave the school. Somebody has also reported that while they stood on the ‘Keep Clear ‘ sign with their dogs somebody pulled up in their car and was ‘hooting’ at them to get out of the way and was quite abusive when they did not move immediately. This also does not set a very good example in front of children. Please respect the parking restrictions outside of the school. Let us not have to wait for an accident before we start to do this.
On a more positive note I am glad to report that our maths curriculum evening appears to have been a great success. It was well attended and all those that were there said that they learnt a lot and that it was really useful for them in supporting their children’s learning. Deborah Mulroney promised some parents that she would e-mail her guidance sheet to me so that parents could have a copy and as soon as she does this I will get it put on our website so that everyone has access to it.
I would also like to thank everyone who has kindly sent in donations for our Christmas Fayre today. They are much appreciated and every item sent in goes towards making the Christmas Fayre a great success. I hope to see lots of you there on December 10th and if you can spare some time to help out I know the PTA would appreciate it as they are still short of a few volunteers for some stalls.   

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