Friday, 20 January 2012

As I sit here typing I realise that I have not been out at the gate in the morning to greet people very much this week as I have had a lot of meetings and unfortunately, I will not be around much next week as I have a lot of meetings again. I know that Mr Berridge can manage the gates very well without me but I will be in school every day so if you need to see me do contact the office and they will arrange a meeting for a convenient time.

I know everyone who saw it thought that the Year3 assembly was really good. It was all about myths and legends and I was particularly impressed by how well the children presented it – their voices could be heard really clearly by those at the back. I always enjoy watching the children perform and present their learning in different ways. Enjoyable learning makes for memorable learning.

I hope all of you received the home learning document that we sent home this week. Attached to it is a sheet where you can express your views about the home learning. We would really appreciate it if everyone could send the sheet back with their views so that the survey reflects the opinions of all our parents. This will help us to make an informed decision if we choose to make any changes to our present system. The responses have to be back to us by Tuesday, 31st January.

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