Friday, 3 February 2012

It is hard to believe that January has gone and we already into February. It is a pity that the weather has also turned colder and apparently there is a possibility of snow. Although this is very exciting for children it is every head teacher’s nightmare as there is the possibility we may have to close the school due to adverse conditions. Hopefully we will not have to do this but if it does become necessary we will text all parents as soon as possible to give everyone a chance to make alternative arrangements for their children. Up to date information will also be able to be found on Three Counties Radio and

I have had another week which has been full of meetings and visits. On Tuesday afternoon I went with the Year 5 to St. Martha’s School in Hadley Wood. Year 5 were taking part in a cookery master class where they had to make a pizza and while they were busy I was given a tour of the school. It is a beautiful building with many of its original features still in existence but the best thing for me was meeting some former pupils of Little Heath. Although they left the school a couple of years ago they still look back on their time at Little Heath with great affection. It is great to know that we had such a positive impact on their education.

This Wednesday was also supposed to be the closing date for our homework questionnaire but we have extended it by a week as we only had a few responses returned to us. If you have not done so please send your questionnaire back to school so that if we do alter the homework policy we know that it is representative of all our parents’ opinions. If you cannot open your e-mail with the attachment on please come to the school office where we have hard copies available.

We are all going to be rather sad in Little Heath next week even though we will have the half term holiday to look forward to as Mrs Cotton will be leaving us after 12 years of working in our nursery. We will miss her as she has been a great asset to the school but we all hope she does have a happy and enjoyable retirement. She will be replaced by a Miss Natalie Sofjan. Natalie has already been working in our nursery for 2 afternoons so many of the children are already familiar with her. She also attended the school as a pupil.

Next week is ‘Feeling Good’ week in school. The focus of the week will be the importance of feeling good in ourselves and how to achieve it because people who can feel good about themselves are the most successful in life and generally have more fulfilled personal lives. Activities will include relaxation and meditation, a laughter workshop, a special music day organised by Mr Hill and some art therapy sessions.

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