Friday, 27 April 2012

We have had quite an action packed time in school this week. On Tuesday night we had the parents meeting with governors and teachers about our progress against the action plan. All the feedback I have received so far seems to indicate that everyone who attended enjoyed it and found it very useful and informative. We will be reviewing some of the suggestions in the next few weeks at a governors meeting and after that I will be sending a letter out to parents with information about any decisions that have been made.

On Wednesday all the Year5 went off to Lincolnsfields for two nights. Although the weather was far from perfect I do not think that it dampened their spirits and they all appeared to have had a great time. I am sure that all children (and staff) will sleep well tonight.

On Thursday we had some more parents in school for our road safety session for the foundation stage. This is the first of a number of sessions that we are running throughout the school to give our children the necessary skills to be help them be safe when they are near or crossing the road. There will be a different session next week for our Year 2 children on pedestrian skills. This session will be taken by someone from Herts County Council Road Safety team and some parents who have already received their training.

Looking forward to next week we are having the class photographs taken on Tuesday morning. We have found in the past that children look best in their winter uniform so if you could put your child in their winter uniform on that day we would appreciate it.

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