Friday, 11 May 2012

I am starting my blog with a little bit of a moan but over the last couple of weeks we are having more people parking on our yellow zig-zag lines when this is meant to be a traffic free zone form 8.00am to 5.00pm.This area was put here to ensure the safety of our children and people who ignore the guidelines are putting our children at risk. We have informed the police and as some of you will have noticed a traffic warden has been up to our school this week so people who park illegally run the risk of getting a parking fine.

On a happier note the reception class put on a lovely assembly this morning. It was about ’The Hungry Caterpillar’ and was enjoyed by all who watched it. I would like to thank all the reception staff for all their hard work in preparing the children for their assembly performance.

We are having a lot of success in competitions at the moment. As you know some Year 4 pupils won the ‘Build a Tree’ competition last week and this week yet more success for our Year 4 pupils who won the Potters Bar ‘Primary Schools Technology Challenge’. For this they had to build rockets from prepared plans and then modify them to improve their flying power. One of the rockets from Little Heath flew the furthest by a long distance and it is still on the roof of Oakmere School. The pupils were Ella, Johnny, Sophie and Alex and I would like to offer them my congratulations on their brilliant efforts.

Thank goodness the weather seems to be getting a little better. Unfortunately the bad weather has meant that the May Day event at Brookmans Park and the ‘Le Gros’ netball tournament had to be cancelled but hopefully these events will be able to be rescheduled in the future.

Over the next couple of weeks the children in Year 2 and in KS2 will be doing some formal tests which means there will be lots of quiet periods in school. We try to keep the children as relaxed as possible about these exams but no matter what we do some children still become anxious at the thought of taking an examination. You can help your children prepare for their tests by making sure they get to bed at a reasonable time, giving them a good breakfast before they come to school and ensuring that they have time to relax when they come home. Remember that they are just young and it is important that they are not put off taking exams in future years when their results will have more of an impact on their future career.

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