Friday, 22 June 2012

As I sit here writing my blog I can see members of the PTA flying around setting up for the Summer Fayre this evening. As I have mentioned before I cannot thank the PTA enough for all their efforts in supporting the school and even when the weather works against them as it is today with the wind and the rain they never give up. I only wish that on occasions such as this they had more support so they did not have to work so hard. Thanks to our great British weather it looks like once again we will have to hold our Summer Fayre indoors but I am sure that with such excellent organisation it will still be a great success.

Another great success that we have had this week is our writing workshop that we held on Thursday evening. The workshop was organised by Brigid deRivaz who is a literacy consultant and Ofsted inspector. It would have been better if a few more parents could have attended but all who did come found it most enjoyable and informative and left feeling enthused with ideas to try with their children at home. Her key message for parents was to keep the activities you do with your children fun and interesting so that they look forward to writing as opposed to dreading every time they have to pick up a pen.

Let us hope that next week the weather is kind to us as there are a few sporting competitions due to take place and the Year 5 have to walk to Mount Grace for an activity afternoon. The summer has to arrive sometime – doesn’t it?

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