Thursday, 19 July 2012

Dear All

I am just writing a quick blog this week as I am caught up with the end of year activities and all the work that involves. Like all of you probably I am looking forward to the summer holiday and hopefully some sunny weather that has been promised to us by the weather forecasters. As I mentioned last week it has been a very busy week for the Year 6 and I have noticed a few of them getting a little emotional today. They have had a fabulous year which was topped off by them achieving some very good results in their SATs. I hope they are taking some fond memories of their time in Little Heath and I know they will do the school proud when they go to their respective secondary schools.

All it is left for me to say now is that I hope everyone has a fabulous summer and I look forward to seeing everyone back feeling refreshed and ready to work on Tuesday 4th September.

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