Friday, 14 September 2012

Our first full week in school is over and the holidays really are a dim and distant memory. The good weather has sort of lasted and there is a very exciting vibe in school as all the school clubs have started again.

We had the ‘Meet the Teacher’ meetings in school last night where the class teachers outlined their expectations for their class for the coming year. Everyone who attended seemed very happy with what they had heard which is pleasing to know. Some parents said that they could not come and wanted separate appointments but the things that are discussed in these sessions do not apply to individual children and if you need to know what is happening in your child’s class then there are the class blogs which the teachers update weekly with information as to what is happening in your child’s class. Some people also felt upset that we do not allow children to attend the ‘Meet the Teacher’ sessions but this was done at the request of some parents who feel more comfortable asking some questions without the children present. We will be having the teacher consultation sessions at the end of October where you will be updated on your child’s progress by the class teacher but if you have any issues about your child before then you can always arrange an appointment with the class teacher to discuss them in private. I was disappointed that some parents ignored the request not to bring children and left their children unsupervised in the building while they attended the meeting even though they knew they should not be doing this.

We have no major events happening in school next week but we do have some coming up soon. We are having our ‘European Day of Languages’ on September 28th and our ‘Harvest Festival Coffee Morning’ is on October 5th. There is also the PTA quiz night on October 6th and the Annual Rotary Club firework display on November 3rd so there is plenty to look forward to in our school calendar and I look forward to seeing many of you at these events.

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