Friday, 28 September 2012

When I walked around school this morning it felt like I was walking around Epcot because as I entered each classroom it was like entering a different country. As some of you may know this is because we are celebrating the European Day of Languages today to help children appreciate the traditions and cultures of our European neighbours. Each class is studying a different country and on Monday morning in assembly the different classes will be sharing with each other some of the learning that they have covered today.

Today is a particularly good day for Year 6 because this afternoon they have been invited to Lochinver School to meet the famous author Darren Shan. Some of his more well- known books include ‘Cirque du Freak’ and ‘The Vampire’s Assistant’. Experiences like this are good for the children because by meeting someone in person who has had success in writing it helps motivate them in their own writing and who knows – it may inspire one of them to dedicate their life to becoming a published author. It is always good to let the children see that anything is possible.

A lot is happening for parents in school next week. On Wednesday at 2.30pm there is the PTA AGM which is going to be held in the school hall. This is where the PTA share what has happened during the last year and inform you of how the money raised has been spent. It is also where the officers for the next year are nominated and voted in. If at least 25 parents do not attend the meeting is not considered quorate and technically we could have no school PTA. This would be disastrous for the school because the money raised makes a big difference to the lives of the pupils and in recent years they have purchased essential items for the school such as computers, lap tops and the KS2 library as well as many other items which help to enrich the learning of the children. By attending the meeting you are not committing yourself to being on the PTA committee. Refreshments will be served and after the meeting has ended (which will be in time for the end of the school day) parents whose children attend after school clubs will be welcome to stay until their child’s club has finished.

I am also looking forward to next week when I hope to see lots of you at our ‘Harvest Coffee Morning’ which will be held on Friday morning. Although this is a great social occasion it does have a more serious undertone in that all the money raised goes to charity. However it is only a great success thanks to all your generosity in both your donation of cakes and biscuits and your donations of money during the actual event. Remember that you can start to send in your cakes and biscuits from Wednesday onwards. If you are using Tupperware containers or tins to send in your goods please ensure they are labelled so they can be returned to you. I am sure that it will be a great success as always.

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