Friday, 5 October 2012

As I sit to write this I am just recovering from a very hectic morning. I am of course referring to our ‘Harvest Coffee Morning’ which has just finished. I always get very hot at this event because I am moving around a lot. I try to convince myself that all the energy I am burning off will make up for the cakes that I have eaten but I think that I am fooling myself. As usual it was a big success and I would like to thank you all for your generosity for both your donations of cakes and money – without such good support it would not be the success that it is. I would also like to thank the PTA for doing such a good job in running the event. As yet we have not calculated the amount but when we do we will let you know how much was collected and which charity it will be donated to.

An issue that keeps recurring in school is the playtime snack. Key Stage One are provided with a piece of fresh fruit or vegetable by the government to eat and we allow Key Stage Two children to bring in their own fruit to consume during the morning break but I frequently see children eating other snacks. I know that some children are taking these from their lunchboxes and not eating the fruit that you have provided so if you could just remind your children that they only eat fruit or vegetables at morning break and we will do the same here.

Next week I will be out for half the week. This is because I will be attending the ‘Hertfordshire Primary Head Teacher’s Conference’. This is when head teachers get together to attend a series of presentations and seminars which keep us up to date with all the developments and changes in education of which there are quite a lot at the moment. While I am not in school Mrs Zegallo will be in charge and if there are any issues you need to discuss you can make an appointment to see her or make an appointment to see me on my return.

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