Friday, 19 October 2012

I am sure some of you noticed that I did not have a blog last week but this was because I was at the Hertfordshire Head Teacher’s Conference. I am sometimes sceptical about attending events like this because you sometimes wonder it is worth the time you spend away from school but I can truly report back that this was an excellent conference with some truly great ideas that we can use back in the classroom. It was also reassuring to find out that a lot of ideas they were recommending are already in place at Little Heath.

I promised you a couple of weeks ago that I would let you know how much money we raised from the ‘Harvest Coffee Morning’ and I delighted to tell you that the amount raised was £359.75. As some of you may know this event coincided with ‘Jeans for Genes’ day, so we have decided to donate the money to one of the charities which is supported by this event. The charity we have chosen is the 1p36 UK and Ireland charity which supports families who have children born missing this gene. Children who are born without this gene will need a lot of support throughout their life but how it affects each child will be unique to them.

Unfortunately our parking problem seems to be recurring again with parents parking up on the zig-zag yellow lines which are meant to have no cars parked on them from 8.00am until 5.00pm. We have not done this to make it awkward for the parents but to ensure the safety of the children. I am amazed that some parents have such a cavalier attitude to the health and safety of the pupils of Little Heath. I am sure these people would not be happy if one of their children was hit by a car. There are no parking restrictions on ‘Hawkshead Road’ and it is only a short distance to walk to the school from there. We have informed the police and if you do receive a fine for parking illegally you cannot say that you have not been warned.

I am delighted to announce that we have a new teaching assistant in school. Her name is Ms Hazel Williams and she has replaced Mrs Lesley Prince who left us in the summer. At the moment she is working in Year 6. As some of you already know we also have a new reception teacher joining our staff. Her name is Miss Tanya Jaeger and she will be joining us after the half term.

I could not believe it when I looked at my diary and saw that it is half term next week. The term so far seems to have flown by so that must be a good sign that I am enjoying my work. It is parent consultations next week so I will probably see a lot of you then. This year we are doing something slightly different in that we are giving the Year 6 slightly longer slots and the pupils have to attend the consultation along with me so I will not be as available at some consultations as I will be at others. Remember though that if you have any concerns you may contact the school to arrange to see me at a mutually convenient time.

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