Friday, 26 October 2012

What a week it has been for me. I have had 3 evening events which were school related this week so I am certainly looking forward to half term. Lots of parents have been in school this week as it has been the parent consultations and I am delighted to say that everyone I have seen appears happy with the progress their child is making. It is nice to get pleasant comments fed back to us but I would like to remind all parents that if anybody does have any issues they do not have to wait until parent consultations to speak to us but can contact the school at any time to discuss it with the relevant person.

We had the Rotary club in this morning to make the presentation to the winner of the cover for the Fireworks Display programme. We always enjoy having the rotary club in as they support the school in many ways but their visit was marred this morning as somebody reversed into one of their cars. I understand that accidents happen but I have mentioned many times that I do not want parents driving up to the school to drop their children off in the morning because it is too congested and now an accident has occurred. I suppose we should be grateful that it was just a car that was hit and not a child. I am now going to ask again that if you have to use a car to drop your child off at school can you either park in the church car park or on Hawkshead Road and walk the child the rest of the distance. I know everyone is very busy but surely it is better to be safe than sorry.

When I arrived at work this morning I had a lovely surprise in the form of a book full of children’s writing. I do not know if you will remember but before the summer we invited the children to take part in a writing challenge online and this book contains some of the entries. A few local schools participated and there are some lovely contributions from Little Heath pupils. I am very proud of all their pieces and we will keep the copy of the book in our library.

When we return after half term we will be selling poppies in school. They will be sold every day during that week so if you would like to give your child some money to buy a poppy that would be great as I think that this is a very worthy cause to support.

I hope you all have a great half term. Hopefully I will see lots of you at the Rotary Firework Display on November 3rd but if not I will see you all on Monday 5th November when school re-opens.

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