Friday, 30 November 2012

I think it is fair to say that the big topic of conversation in school this week has been our unexpected visitors – the donkeys. They arrived in School Road on Tuesday night and the first I knew of their arrival was through a telephone call from a parent telling me where he thought the donkeys that were in my playground were from. For a moment I thought it was a crank call until he told me who he was and that Mr Mills had helped to bring them into the school. I left the meeting I was in to go outside and ‘lo and behold’ there were two donkeys in the playground with a police officer trying to find out where they had come from. It became apparent then that it was not going to be an easy problem to solve so I was asked if necessary could they spend the night here. I agreed and as you all now know they did spend all night here and most of the next day as nobody came forward to claim them. In the afternoon somebody from a donkey sanctuary in Essex came to take them away so they could get the proper care and attention they need. I know a lot of the children would have loved us to keep them but I think you will all agree that the sanctuary is the best place for them. If I hear any more about them I will let you know.

The MSAs have raised a concern with me about parents passing items to their children through the infant fence during the lunch hour. The MSAs do not know who all the parents are and so for safety reasons we would ask that if you need to give something to your child during the school day that you come to the school office to do so.

I had reason for celebration this week as we have new curtains in the hall. Ever since I got here I have wanted to have new curtains put in there and thanks to the generosity of the PTA that wish has actually come true. Everybody who has seen them has commented on how much of an improvement they are. As well as the PTA I would also like to thank Mr Goldwater for his role in helping us purchase them.

I also received a card from the Royal British Legion letting us know how much we had raised in our poppy appeal. This year we raised £122.57 which is well up on last year so I would like to thank everyone for being so generous with their donations. I have always said that the population of Little Heath is always generous where charities are involved. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the shoeboxes that have been sent in for the Rotary Club appeal. We have received a large amount but if anyone still has one at home that they would like to fill and send in you can still do so as they are not being collected until early next week.

We cannot avoid the subject anymore because Christmas is approaching fast. Thanks are required once more for all the lovely donations that were brought in today in preparation for the Christmas Fayre which will be on Saturday 8th December. From Monday we will have the post box out so that if children want to post Christmas cards they can do. To make it easier for them to be delivered I would ask that both the class and the name of the child is written on the envelope. The post box will be situated at the entrance the children walk through in the morning and the cards will be delivered to the classes by the Year 6.

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