Friday, 14 December 2012

The Christmas season is certainly in full swing and there is an excitable buzz in school as the great day draws ever closer. It is great being a child at this time of year when wonderful things happen around you but we adults know that wonderful things unfortunately do not happen by magic and I am sure, like the staff, a couple of you are feeling the pace at the moment. However it is a time of year that I enjoy and the cold and frosty weather we have experienced this week has definitely made it feel more like Christmas - the view from my office this week has been quite breath-taking at times even if I have had to wear extra socks to keep my feet warm.

Next week is a busy one in school and I am sure that I will see you all at least once during the festivities. On Monday we have the KS2 Carol service and the on Tuesday and Wednesday it is the turn of the Foundation Stage and KS1 to perform their shows for their parents. On Thursday we have the Christmas parties and on Friday we have a theatre company coming into school to put on a Christmas show for the children (parents do not attend that). Hopefully after all that the children will be exhausted and will rest quietly at home until Christmas Day.

As I said earlier I will probably see you all at least once next week because I know how you all enjoy seeing your children perform. However I would like to ask that you all turn up for the events at the requested times and do not arrive earlier. If people turn up at the church on Monday before 6.45pm it means that the children have to sit around for a long time before they start the service and they become rather unsettled and will not perform as well as they should. If people wait in the church it also means that the children are left unsupervised in the hall which is unsafe. On the Wednesday for the KS1 performance we often have people arrive before 1pm and then they ask if they can be let in earlier because they are cold. Unfortunately we cannot do this as the children are having their lunch in the hall and we cannot let people in before it is emptied and cleared for health and safety reasons. I do not want to sound like the ‘Christmas Grinch’ but if you could follow our timetable it would make a hectic week run much more efficiently.

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