Friday, 18 January 2013

I think we can all agree that winter has well and truly arrived this week. I am sorry that the school had to close today but even before I made the decision I had parents arriving at the school to take their children home because of how dangerous some of the side roads were becoming. When we checked the weather forecast last night it showed that the snow was not due to arrive until lunchtime so I hoped that we would be fine but unfortunately the snow started falling just after 9 am meaning there was a thick covering by 11 am. I would like to thank all parents for their prompt response in collecting the children. I know it was not easy for some of you to make arrangements but I am sure you all agree that the safety of the children must come first. Unfortunately I have had another complaint about traffic this week. Apparently somebody drove rather recklessly through the church car park and then pulled out into School Road without looking before pulling up in front of the school to drop their child off for school. We have asked time and time again for parents to exercise caution whilst driving in the school area but it would appear that some people choose to ignore this advice and are putting the safety of others in jeopardy. I have informed the police who tell me that they are going to be doing a spot check around the school in the near future. I hope the weather sorts itself out over the weekend so that school can return to normal on Monday. If I need to close the school hopefully I will be able to inform you the day before but, as happened today, we cannot always predict the weather so I cannot guarantee that I can let people know the day before. If I do have to close the school I will inform you by text message. Information about the school status can also be found on ‘’ or BBC Three Counties Radio station.

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