Thursday, 7 March 2013

As I am out tomorrow I am ‘blogging’ a day earlier this week. This has been our first week without Mr Berridge as site manager and it has been a little strange without him there in the morning. Saying that, our temporary caretaker Rosario Di Francia (or Mr D as some of the children have started calling him) is doing a sterling job and we are very lucky to have him. I have appointed a permanent replacement now and when all the paperwork and clearing processes have been completed I will let you know who he is and when he will be joining us.

Following on from our ‘Writing Week’ (as some of you will know the egg has cracked open and there are some mysterious footprints on the playground) we have had ‘World Maths Day’ and ‘World Book Day’ this week. For ‘World Book Day’ the children have designed some lovely badges and I am sure that they will enjoy talking about their favourite book characters with the other pupils in their class. Next week we have ‘Red Nose Day’ on Friday and as you will know from the newsletter that was sent out the children can come in with funny feet that day (as long as they can walk in them). They are also allowed to not wear uniform and wear a red nose which can be purchased at school. There has been a lot of different activities in school recently but we believe that these ’WOW’ experiences enhance the learning of the children- not least by making school an exciting and fun place to come to so the children really want to be here.

Before I leave you I would just like to inform those of you who do not know that we now have a ‘Twitter ‘ feed which can be viewed on our website. This will be used to inform the Little Heath community of our sports results almost instantly and any other information that we think you would find interesting.

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