Friday, 13 September 2013

Your children will have probably told you about the ambulance they saw at school this week and unfortunately it was due to a member of staff being injured and requiring assistance. Mrs Gregory slipped at work this week and has badly broken her left arm. She is going to be off school for a few weeks while her arm heals. We are going to try and keep the office running as efficiently as normal (Mrs Byrne is even coming back to do a few hours for us) but if we are a little late in dealing with any of your enquiries please be patient with us at this difficult time.

One of the good things about the beginning of the year is that the children all look smart in their new uniforms and it is always amusing to watch the Year 3 managing their ties and collars. I would like to thank everyone that has made an effort to get their child into the correct uniform but I do need to highlight that some children are wearing canvas shoes and some are coming in wearing jewellery. The rules are that the children must wear formal, non-casual smart, waterproof shoes which are not sneakers or canvas and the only jewellery they are allowed to wear is a watch. If children have ears which are newly pierced they need to cover them in tape until they are properly healed and after that they should not wear earrings in school.

Last night we had the ‘Meet the Teacher’ sessions in school and it was good to see so many parents in school. Although it was only a brief meeting to outline the class expectations for the year, everyone that I spoke to found it a very positive experience which is the reason why we hold them.  As I explained last week if anyone was unable to attend they will be kept informed of what is happening in their child’s class via the class blogs.

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