Friday, 22 November 2013

There has been a certain buzz in the air today which there always is when there is a ‘Mufti Day’ in school. Thank you to everyone who sent in donations for the Frost Fayre. I know they are much appreciated and will help make the event on Sunday, 1st December a great success. All the children are starting to get very excited about it and I know that it will be the enjoyable event that it always is. If anyone is able to help set up the fayre on Friday night after school next week or give some of their time on the Sunday 1st December, please contact a member of the PTA or the school office who will inform the PTA that you are able to help.

Last week, as you know, it was ‘Children in Need’ day and we had a small change collection in school. We managed to collect £38.73 and if you include the money that Years 3 and 4 contributed to the fun run we raised a total of £97.73 for the charity.

It may seem a long time away but on the last day of term we are having our usual Christmas show for the children and this year it is going to be ‘Peter Pan’. This time we are going to let the children come dressed as a pantomime character but they will have to pay a penalty of a £1 to do so. ‘Barclays Bank’ have then promised to match any money that we raise which we will then donate to the PTA fund so that we can buy more items for the school. I am letting you know now, because it will give you plenty of time to put a costume together. I am sure that if the children do come dressed up it will help them enter in to the spirit of the show but if they do not dress up they will still be able to watch the pantomime.

That is all for now. I am savouring the calm at the moment because I know that as soon as December comes we will be hit by ‘Christmas fever’ and all the children will be very excitable. Still – it is a very enjoyable time of year and I am sure that I will see many of you in the weeks to come at one of our Christmas events.

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