Friday, 13 December 2013

Just one week to go until the end of term. I normally say at this point that we can all look forward to a rest but with the Christmas holiday that usually does not happen – certainly not for the adults anyway. This week we had the first of our Christmas events which was the school Christmas lunch. The children all appear to really enjoy this - especially as all the staff serve them their meal. I would like to thank the PTA for donating the juice and crackers and I would also like to thank all the parents who volunteered to do playground duty so the MSAs could join the rest of the staff for their Christmas Lunch –it was much appreciated.

We have had the figure through for how much was raised at the ‘Frost Fayre’ and I am pleased to announce that we raised an amazing £4018.  This is a fantastic amount of money and I would once again like to thank all the PTA who helped to raise this – we will certainly put it to good use for the benefit of the children.

I had a visit this morning from some very concerned parents. They were very upset that while they were walking their children to school a parent, while reversing their car, mounted the pavement. This is very dangerous behaviour. I have asked on numerous occasions for parents not to drive their cars up to the school during dropping off and picking up times but some parents just choose to ignore it. Let us not wait for an accident before everyone starts following this request.

Next week is an action packed week in school which is why in my last newsletter I republished the December dates to make sure that nobody misses anything. Remember that on the last day that children can come dressed as a pantomime character but if they do they must pay a pound for the privilege and then any money that we raise will be matched by Barclays Bank. If they choose not to dress up that is fine but then they must come in school uniform. On the last day remember we also finish at 2.00pm.

I look forward to seeing to seeing many of you at our Christmas shows and Carol Concert next week. I am certainly going to rest this weekend as I have very little voice left at the moment (seasonal hazard) and I am definitely going to need it next week for all the singing and cheering that I will be doing. I look forward to seeing many of you then.

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