Friday, 14 February 2014

At last the half term is here. I know it has only been a six week half term but it has been quite a busy one for us and then with all the complications caused by the boiler room flooding I am very happy that we are having a break. I am also feeling a little achy but that could be down to all the dancing I did at the Valentine discos or just the fact that I am getting older – I hope it is the former.

It was good to see so many parents at our ‘Open Afternoon’ to look at all the children’s work. I know parents love to see how their children are doing and the children love to share their learning with their parents so it is always an enjoyable time. As I mentioned earlier we then had our Valentine’s  discos. I would like to thank the PTA for organising them and to all the staff for helping out at them. These extra events all help to make the school a more exciting place for the children to be in.   

It is only a short blog this week as I have sent out a newsletter this week. Let us hope that over the half term the weather improves and that we do not see rain again until the autumn. Have an enjoyable break and I will see you all again on Monday 24th February.

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