Friday, 14 March 2014

At last the sun has returned. It has been so long since we have seen the sun that my eyes are having difficulty adjusting to the brightness. I would still rather squint all the time though than have the return of the rain. The children are also enjoying the sunshine although yesterday we did have a few disputes in school so perhaps even they are having difficulty adjusting to the sun.

The main event for me this week was the visit from our Hertfordshire improvement partner who visits the school every term to monitor the quality of our work. Together we did some joint observations of lessons and then he analysed our recent data. I am pleased to report that he was very happy with the school and even though we only had an Ofsted inspection last term he thought that the school has moved forward since then, which was good to hear. The ‘outstanding’ rating gets ever closer.

In school next week we have two big events going on. The first is the KS2 maths event which runs on Thursday evening from the end of school until 5.00pm. This is an event for parents to attend with their children so they can complete some maths activities together. The KS1 maths evening was a great success and I am sure that this one will be as well. Refreshments will be provided and younger siblings are allowed to attend.

The second big event is ‘Sports Relief’ on Friday. The children are allowed to come to school in sports clothes and only have to make a donation to the charity if they have not already purchased one of our ‘Sports Relief’ bands which are currently being sold in school for a £1. During the day, as I explained last week, we are going to perform a dance routine together as a whole school and then post pictures and hopefully a video of this on our website. If the rain does return and we are unable to go outside to do this the school will split into two key stages and perform the dance in the hall.

Have a pleasant weekend and I will see you all next week.

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