Friday, 13 June 2014

Somebody said to me the other day that “if the British did not have the weather to talk about they would have nothing to say” and I think that fact is becoming true about my blog as I always seem to bring weather into it. However, I do feel that I must mention the wonderful weather that we have had this week – I finally feel that summer has actually arrived and it makes all the difference in school because everybody appears happier and full of energy. I could hope that it lasts until the end of term but since it is the English weather that we are talking about that is not likely to happen. I think all we can do is make the most of it while it is here.

With the return of the Year 6 this week school life has returned to normal and we have been sharing all the happy memories of Kingswood with the children thanks to the many photographs that were taken on the trip by the teachers. Although they may have wished they had gone this week because of the weather they all appear to have had a great time. They also did not appear too upset by the delay they had when they returned home. Unfortunately, their coach got a flat tyre but when they eventually arrived home they all still had smiles on their faces – I think it just added to the whole experience. 

Next week is a busy week in school with lots happening. There is the primary athletics meeting at Mount Grace on Wednesday, a girls’ football tournament on Thursday at Wroxham and on Friday, as explained in my newsletter, we have some classes taking part in the ‘Grow a Pound’ event which starts at 2.30pm on Friday. Let us hope the good weather lasts long enough for all these events to take place without disruption. 

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