Friday, 10 October 2014

I cannot believe how quickly this term is passing – when somebody started talking to me about half term I thought they were mad but it is actually just 2 weeks away! We will soon be talking about the dreaded ‘C’ word before we know it. Aagh!

We have had a very pleasant week in school this week even though the weather has definitely changed – we certainly cannot say that autumn is not upon us. Having the ‘Book Fair’ in school always creates a lot of excitement and I am pleased to say that thanks to your generosity just over £1100 was spent on books which means that we have just over £550 to spend on books for the school which is amazing. I would like to thank everyone who purchased a book from the fair and also to all the parents who helped to run it.

As you saw from the newsletter that I sent out we also managed to raise £520 from our Harvest Festival Coffee Morning. We have already sent the money to the ‘Just a Drop’ charity who were amazed at the amount we had raised from a coffee morning in such a small school. I would like to thank you all again for being so generous with your donations and helping present Little Heath so favourably to the outside world. It certainly makes me feel fortunate to work here.

I was a little disappointed though at the response to our ‘Aims and Objectives’ evening. Even though I choose to look at it positively and accept that most people must be happy with the ethos of the school I certainly think that it does no harm to question policy, even when it is successful, because it can lead to improvements, especially when it is looked at by a different set of eyes. I hope we do get a better response to the next parents event that we run, and remember, if there is anything you would like us to run an event on, do let me know.

As you all know I will be attending the Head teacher’s conference next week from Wednesday afternoon until Friday so there will be no head teacher’s blog. While I am away Mrs Zegallo will be in charge so if you have any concerns please contact her. Have a nice weekend – if you are looking for activities to do with your child over the weekend why not visit our maths blog which has some exciting activities for you to complete with your child.

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