Friday, 14 November 2014

I have had a lot of meetings this week and I have been away from the school so it is nice for me to be sitting in my office working - it feels very warm and comforting being in a familiar environment. It certainly was not warm on Saturday night when we had out firework display. My prayers for no rain were not answered and the rain did come down - very heavily at times! Luckily when the fireworks were actually lit the weather was not too bad and it certainly was an impressive display. I was amazed at how many people did come in the rain and I would like to thank all those who did come for their support. I would also like to thank again the PTA, Brookmans Park Rotary Club and all the people who helped them run the event and clear up afterwards. Without that support the event would not be possible and I think this year we had more support than ever which is brilliant. Let us hope that we have as many volunteers next year so that the event runs as smoothly.

Another thing that I would like to thank everyone for is the small coin collection that we had for ‘Children in Need’ today. As I explained in my newsletter we do not make a big thing about this event in school because we have already asked you for so much this term and we have just sent out the Christmas boxes for you to fill so I am aware that we should not keep asking for things and exploiting your good nature.

The next big event in school is our Christmas Fayre which is on Saturday, 6th December. I know that the PTA would like support for this so if you are able to help please leave your name at reception and they will pass it onto the ladies who are running the event. Our present chair, Anna Holden, is stepping down and there is no-one to take her place so I would like to thank Mrs Latimir and Mrs Hopkins for volunteering to run the fayre for us. I would also like to thank Anna Holden for all her hard work over the past year and helping the school raise so much money – her support has been much appreciated.

That is all for now - have a great weekend and I will see you all again on Monday.  

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