Friday, 2 October 2015

I am typing this blog after a very busy morning. As most of you will know because you were there, it was our Harvest Festival this morning. As usual it was quite hectic but very enjoyable and the children do love to share experiences with you in school. The main reason that it always is such a success is down to your kind generosity as you send in so many cakes and donate so much money. I would also like to give huge thanks to the PTA for serving all the refreshments at the Harvest Festival and to Mr Taylor for working with the children on their songs. As yet I do not know how much money has been raised because the leftover cakes are being sold this afternoon but all the money raised is being donated to ‘Hand to Hand for Syria’, which we believe to be a very worthy cause. I will let you know next week how much money was raised.

Another area where the school has benefitted from your generosity has been with the ‘Book Fair’. We raised an amazing £920 which means that we can purchase many books for the school. Having a huge selection of reading materials in good condition really encourages children to want to read and once children can read it benefits all other areas of their learning - so thank you all again.

Next week I have a lot of meetings and training to attend out of school so it means that I will not be around a great deal. If you need to see me for any reason and I am not around you can make an appointment to see me at another time but if you feel there is something that you need to discuss urgently my deputy, Mrs Zegallo will be able to speak to you.

Our ‘Indian Summer’ appears to be lasting so I am sure we will all have a pleasant weekend. I look forward to seeing you all again next week.

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