Friday, 22 April 2016

The summer term has finally arrived. We did get a couple of good days to start the term but it appears to have got colder again – I hope those couple of good days were not our summer this year.  I also realised when we came  back that this is the third consecutive 4 day week for the children so when they  have to do a 5 day week next week it is going to be a real shock to the system. Still, if they find it difficult to manage they do have a four day week to look forward to the week after.

As ever the children have settled back into school very quickly and all appear glad to be back - you may see a different perspective from home. It has been quite a quiet week in school as far as activities go although there was a little excitement on Thursday because of the Queen’s birthday. Before the holidays the children took part in a North Mymms Parish Council competition to design a card for the Queen’s 90th birthday and we were pleased to hear this week that two of our pupils, Bonnie and Daisy, had won. They were presented with their prizes at the beacon lighting ceremony at Hatfield House on Thursday night. Their winning entries have been printed as cards and sent to the Queen to help he mark her birthday. I would like to congratulate both girls on their success.

Next week in school the pace picks up a little as all the extra -curricular clubs start up again. When we come back at the start of a new term there are never any clubs during the first week and on the first day of term we sent out a text reminding parents of this but apparently some people did not receive the text because they thought after school activities were on. If you did not receive this text can you please check your school contact number with the office because it is possible that we have the wrong number.

On Monday morning we also have the class photographs taking place. Please make sure that your children come prepared for the photographs on Monday. We do ask that they wear their winter uniform as we think that this looks better on the photographs. You may also want them to take a little more care with their appearance so they look their best in the photo graph.

Even though the forecast is not good I hope you have an enjoyable weekend and I look forward to seeing you all again on Monday.

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