Friday, 6 May 2016

At last summer appears to have arrived! The sun is shining and it is not necessary to be wrapped up in layers to go outside. I was actually hot in my office this week, which hardly ever happens. I will wait to see if this weather lasts though before I pack away all my winter clothes – I can still remember the frost of last week.

There are many benefits to the warm weather and one of them is watching sporting events and not freezing to death. This week I went to watch the ‘Le Gros’ netball tournament which is held every year at Mount Grace School. We entered two teams this year and although we did not actually win the tournament we performed very well and did win some of their matches. I would like to congratulate the girls on their very good performance and I would like to thank Mr Mills and Mrs O’Brien for training the girls so well.

It has been brought to my attention that a lot of the children are not bringing in their PE kits for lessons. In the past we went through a phase like this and I thought it had passed but apparently not. May I remind everyone that children should bring their PE in on a Monday and kept in school until Friday and then they can take it home to get washed over the weekend. It is not essential that they have a clean PE kit for everyone lesson but it is important that they have their kit for every lesson. It is important that they have their kit in school at all times because sometimes we have to change the PE sessions during a week so children will not always know which day they have PE on. I do tell the children that it is their responsibility to remember their PE things (I do not let them blame their parents) but if you could remind them about bringing it in every Monday I would appreciate it.

Every month Mrs Hopkins set a maths challenge for the children and, sadly, the number of children having a go at this has been tailing off in recent times. Remember that at the beginning of every month a new challenge is posted on the Maths Blog (  Have a look at the one for May and encourage your child to 'have a go.'  The children who have been taking part regularly have enjoyed the challenges.  There are also paper copies of the challenge available near the desk at the school office.

The lovely weather is predicted to last over the weekend so that is good news but let us hope it lasts into next week. Even if the good weather does not last though we have a lot to look forward to because our netball teams have a match against Cranborne and it is the Reception class assembly which is always enjoyable. Enjoy the good weather and I will see you all again on Monday morning.


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