Friday, 10 November 2017

This week I would like to start my blog with a huge thank you to the PTA and all the people who supported them in the running of our annual bonfire event. As usual it was very well attended and everyone who I have spoken to have said what a great event it was. It would not have been such a success if we had not had so much support and, indeed, we had a few extra parents join us in the preparation and running of the event this year and those who help out regularly said what a difference it made – let us hope that we can get even more help next year. All of those who do help do say how much they enjoy it. As soon as I know how much money has been raised I will let you know.

Next week is also quite an eventful week in school because it is ‘Anti –Bullying Week’. Although we cover appropriate behaviour in school throughout the year in our PSHE sessions and assemblies we do like to focus on what is unacceptable behaviour during this week so that the children really think about the negative impact that bullying could have on someone’s life. As I mentioned in my last newsletter we are also holding an event for parents this year so that they can help their child manage conflict at school. The attendance slips for this were due in today but if you would still like to attend and you have forgotten to return your slip to school please contact the school office on Monday morning and they will reserve you a place. The meeting for parents is taking place on Monday, 13th November at 2.30pm. The session will finish in time for you to collect your children at the usual time at the end of the school day.

On Friday, 17th November it is ‘Children in Need. On this day the children can come to school not wearing uniform as long as one of the items is spotty as this is the theme for ‘Children in Need’ this year. If the children choose not to wear uniform on this day they will need to bring in a pound towards the ‘Children in Need’ appeal. We are also asking parents to send in any old pound coins that they may have at home to put towards the appeal. They can no longer be used in shops but they can be used for the appeal.

I hope you all have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you again on Monday.

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