Friday, 19 January 2018

It has been lovely to see some sunshine this week  - even if it has been really cold. I am hoping that the cold spell will have killed off all the germs because we still have had people suffering in school with a variety of ailments – I myself have had to dose myself up because I have been suffering slightly this week. I always feel that after Christmas is over winter is just not fun.

However, our theme in the assemblies this week has been looking after your wellbeing and one way to do that is to always look on the positive side so I am going to look at the positives that have happened this week. On Monday we managed to hold the Sharing Assembly that we had to cancel before Christmas due to the bad weather. I always enjoy the Sharing assemblies because I do love to hear the children talking about what they have enjoyed doing in school. However, I do get amazed at children with the loudest voices in the playground can hardly manage a whisper on stage. Still, I do think that it good to get the children to practise presenting in front of others as it is a skill that will serve them well in the future.

We also had 2 teams taking part in a netball match against Cuffley this week and I am pleased to report that we won one and drew another. All the girls who took part really gave their all and represented the school well – I am sure that they will have more success in the weeks to come.   The girls also have a football match tonight so I will let you know how they did next week.

I need to have a little moan again about uniform being labelled with the children’s names. This week I have found a couple of jumpers left outside (I am amazed that children have taken them off considering how cold it is) and when I have looked to see who they belong to there has been no name. I do have people complain to me about how we manage lost property but it would make our life a lot easier if everything was labelled clearly.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I have a lot of early meetings next week so I will not be on the school gate until Wednesday.

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