Friday, 26 January 2018

We had a lovely end to the week this morning as the Year 3 presented their class assembly to the whole school. It covered all the work that they had done this term and was very entertaining and well presented. I would like to thank all the children and I would like to thank Ms Pavlova for all her work in co-ordinating the assembly.

I looked in my diary before starting my blog this week and I saw that it is February next week. Where did January go? It is half term at the end of next week and it just feels like we have back 2 minutes. If the rest of the months fly by like this one it is going to be summer before we know it. Unfortunately, even though winter is flying by we still have viruses in the school and we have had some more staff off again this week. I know some parents worry about their child’s education when staff are absent but let me reassure you that we do stick to the planning that is set by the teachers and we always try to use staff that the children are familiar with so that their routine is affected as little as possible. If you do have any concern about your child’s education please do not hesitate to contact me.

As many of you know we subscribe to a number of computer programmes to help support your child’s learning. In maths, for the younger children, we subscribe to Maths Seeds and for the older children we subscribe to Mathletics. All the children have passwords to access these at home and they are specifically designed to support your children’s mathematical development in a fun and exciting way. Unfortunately, usage of these programmes has dropped off recently which is a real shame because research has shown that children’s progress in maths improves significantly if children access these programmes regularly. Could you please encourage your children to use this programme at home on a regular basis. If your child has lost their password please contact their class teacher and they will find out what it is.

The choir are very excited for next week because they are going to be performing at the O2 in a ‘Young Voices’ concert. Guided by Mr Spring and Mrs Robinson they have been practising for weeks so next week will be the culmination of all their hard work. We have performed in the past and all the children and their parents have really enjoyed it so let us hope that this show is just as good as those in the past.

Hopefully, as we slip into February the weather will improve and it will start to feel a little warmer (and be a bit brighter in the mornings). I hope you have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all again next week.

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