Friday, 16 March 2018

Another week has passed but certainly not a normal week for us. We had a special visitor with us for the day on Thursday and they have now left us. I know everybody likes to know the outcome but we cannot say anything until Ofsted publish the report so unfortunately we cannot discuss it until then. The report should be out in a couple of weeks but because of the timing that could be after the Easter holidays.

Due to all the distractions this week I had actually forgotten that today was a ‘Mufti Day’ for the Spring Fayre and was a little surprised to see children arriving for the ‘Breakfast Club’ not in uniform. As usual all the parents of Little Heath have been very generous with their donations and we now have a mountain of Easter eggs in the school – it is a good job that I have given up chocolate for Lent or I may have been tempted to take a couple to snack on throughout the day. Please remember that the Spring Fayre in on March 24th between 12noon and 3.00pm. I know there is going to be lots to do and remember that the more money that is raised the more your children will benefit in school. We have had to put our plans on hold for the technology room while we wait for the decision about what they are going to do with our building so the next purchase we hope to make for the school with the PTA money is Smart boards for all the classrooms.

That is all for now. Having looked at the calendar I cannot believe that we break up for Easter the week after next –where has the term gone! When are we going to get spring weather though? Apparently, the ‘Beast from the East’ is going to make a return this weekend. There are some snow showers predicted for over the weekend but hopefully they will not affect us opening on Monday. If I do have to close the school for any reason, I will inform you as soon as possible. Have a nice weekend.


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