Friday, 2 March 2018

I want it officially known that I hate snow. I have looked at so many maps and weather charts this week that if I ever give up being a head I am sure I could get a job in a meteorology centre. The forecast is definitely for better weather next week so let us all hope that it is true because I do not want a repeat of this week. On a more positive note I would like to thank Rudi for all his hard work in clearing a pathway every morning so that the children could get into school safely.

Even though the weather was not kind to us this week, we still managed to go ahead with some of our planned events. The Year 4 visited the British Museum on Wednesday and on Thursday the Year 2 enjoyed their ‘Fire of London’ day in the hall. The rest of the school also looked great dressed in their costumes for ‘World Book Day’ so although the weather made it miserable outside there was plenty of enjoyment taking place indoors.

On Monday Year 5 are going to Lincolnsfield for 3 days so I am glad that the weather is going to be a little warmer for them although I  do know that they will have a great time regardless of the outdoor conditions. Unfortunately, I will not be there to wave them off because I have a meeting at Stevenage on Monday morning but Mr da Rocha will be sending regular updates of all their activities. We also have some sports matches planned for next week so, hopefully, the weather will allow them to actually take place. We are doing quite well in the leagues with many of our sporting teams presently and we do not want to lose our momentum.

As I mentioned earlier I will not be at the gates on Monday morning but we are planning on opening. We only closed on Friday because many of the side roads had not been gritted and the sub -zero conditions made many of these roads treacherous to travel on. I am certainly looking forward to a more straightforward week

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