Friday, 18 July 2014

I feel like this blog should begin with “That was the year that was” because I cannot believe a whole year has passed as I can remember so clearly the end of last year. Conversely though, it seems a lifetime since our Ofsted inspection which was back in September because so much has happened since then. 

I am glad that it has been sunny this week because it always makes the last week of term a more enjoyable experience. The week got off to an excellent start as we had a steel band workshop in school which the children loved and gave a real holiday feel to the school. We then had the ‘Apprentice ‘ afternoon on Tuesday which was organised by Year 6 and it was excellent. The children had really put a lot of thought and effort into their stalls this year and there was everything on offer from wand pens to bath bombs so there was something to please everybody. On Wednesday it was the rounders match where the teachers take on the Year 6 and your positive thoughts must have worked because we actually beat them this year. The teachers treat it all as a bit of fun but judging by the Year 6’s reaction they take it a bit more seriously because they were not happy after their defeat. They redeemed themselves yesterday with their excellent performance of a ‘Midsummer Night’s  Dream’ which they performed for their families and friends. This was followed by a lovely party which was enjoyed by all who attended.  The ‘Leavers’ Assembly’ was a bit more formal this morning but still a lovely occasion as it gave us a chance to give the Year 6 a proper goodbye. All that is left for us to do is give them their ‘farewell parade’ and then they will truly have left us. I still cannot believe they are ready to leave as I can remember them as tiny infants  - it certainly makes me feel old and wonder where the years have gone.

I would like to thank you for all your support in what has been a very successful year for the school – we could not achieve what we do without you.  I hope you all have a brilliant holiday and I look forward to seeing you all again on Tuesday, 2nd September.

Friday, 11 July 2014

I know it has only been a week since I last wrote my blog but there has been so much going on in school I feel like I have been here for three. I have had numerous meetings to attend, lots of visitors in school, the SATS results have been published, I had my termly visit from the school county advisor, the new children and parents visited on Thursday while many of the Year 6 children were visiting their new secondary schools and, today, it is the school Summer Fayre - I will certainly be glad when the end of term eventually  arrives next week. Still, I should not grumble as it is also a very enjoyable time of year with lots of different activities taking place - I am certainly looking forward to the Summer Fayre and before it even begins I would like to thank all the people involved for all their time and energy in organising the event. Without the efforts of the PTA the school certainly would not be as well resourced as it is.

Last week I received a donation from an anonymous group of parents of a trophy to present to a member of the Year 6 in their leaving assembly. It was specified in the letter that I received with the trophy what they wanted it awarded for.   Although the governing body and I very much appreciate the gesture we feel that the award duplicates one that we already have. I would appreciate it if the parents who donated it could come and see me.

Although everyone always looks forward to the end of term it is also a bit of a sad time for us because we are losing our Year 6 for good. We do wish them well in their new schools and we hope that they take happy memories of Little Heath with them. We do try and make the last week of term special for them as they have a party and a leavers’ assembly to which the parents of Year 6 are invited. They also put on a performance for their friends and families and the rest of the school have an opportunity to see it during the week. This year it is ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and I know everyone who has been invited is looking forward to watching it. As well as that the Year 6 have the opportunity to play the school staff at rounders. Every year I am determined to win but every year we get beaten so if everyone could send positive thoughts in my direction on Wednesday I would appreciate it – perhaps the staff can finally break their losing streak this year.

I am sure that I will see many of you at the Summer Fayre tonight although I will not be staying to the end as I have to attend a charity event that I was committed to before the date for the Summer Fayre was set. I hope you all have a great time and you all enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Friday, 4 July 2014

I am writing this blog just as the children have arrived back from the Rounders Festival which was held at Dame Alice Owens School. Thankfully the good weather lasted and everyone who took part enjoyed the tournament very much. Both teams did very well but one team got through to the final and were just narrowly beaten by Oakmere School by half a rounder. Congratulations to all who took part and a big thank you to Mr Mills and Mrs Robinson for their excellent coaching of the teams.  

This week has been ‘Parent Consultation Week’ in school and it has been lovely to see so many parents in school. All of those that I have spoken to appear very happy with how their child is progressing which is always good to hear. However, if you do have any concerns with your child’s learning remember that you can always make an appointment to see your class teacher or me outside of the parent consultation evenings.

It is another really busy week in school next week as is typical of the end of term. On Monday we have our last ‘Sharing Assembly’ of the year and then on Thursday most of the Year 6 children will be visiting their new secondary schools, which is always very exciting for them. On Thursday we also have the new children who are joining us in reception and nursery in school for a familiarisation visit which makes the school a slightly chaotic but very exciting place to be in. At the end of the week we have the summer fayre to look forward to. It is on from 3.30pm until 8.00pm on the Friday night so let us hope that the good weather from this week lasts until the summer fayre is over.

Have a wonderful weekend and I am sure that with all that is going on in school I will see many of you next week.