Friday, 20 July 2018

The last day is finally upon us –and as always it has been a roller coaster of emotions. I am typing this just before the Year 6 Leaver’s Parade and then the holiday can truly begin. When we return in September Little Heath is going to seem like a very different place because we have a lot of teachers leaving this year as well as Year 6. I know I have already thanked them in my newsletter but I would like to thank again Mrs Zegallo, Mr Spring, Mrs Costi. Mrs Aldridge and Mrs McFarlane for all they have done for Little Heath – they are certainly going to be missed. While I am thanking people I would l also like to thank everyone who has sent me gifts – they are much appreciated.

All that is left for me to do now is to wish you all a lovely holiday. If the weather remains like it has been for the last few weeks it should be a very enjoyable one although a little rain would not be a bad thing –I felt very nervous typing that as I certainly do not want six weeks of storms. I look forward to seeing everyone again on Wednesday, 5th September.

Friday, 13 July 2018

We are flying towards the end of term –I honestly cannot believe that a year has passed since the end of the last academic year. It does not seem like 2 minutes since we were saying goodbye to last year’s Year 6 and here we are ready to say goodbye to our current Year 6 –we will be getting ready for Christmas before we know it. This end of year is going to have extra sadness attached to it because as well as losing our Year 6 we are also losing a lot of staff which is unusual for us. Mrs Zegallo is retiring and Mr. Spring, Mrs Costi, Mrs Aldridge and Mrs McFarlane are all going to pastures new. We are going to miss them and I will find it very strange because Mr Spring and Mrs Zegallo have always been here since I started. However, I am really pleased with all the staff that I have appointed and I know you will give them lots of support when they start in September. Those of you who attended the ‘Meet the Teacher’ sessions last night will have already met a lot of our new staff.

Next week, as it is the last week of term, is not a normal week as we have lots of activities taking place in school. On Monday it is our last ‘Sharing Assembly’ of the year when all the children who have not taken part in one will present their work to the rest of the school and their parents. The letters have already gone out about this. On Wednesday we have a steel pan band coming into school to carry out sessions with all of the children which I know everyone one will find really enjoyable. On Thursday it is the annual rounders match where the teachers take on the Year 6. All the children really enjoy watching this but the teachers face it with a little trepidation as the Year 6 are so eager to beat us and show us no mercy. Our track record in this competition is not good and as our children are district champions in this event I do not think that a victory for us is on the cards this year.

On Thursday the children are also going to watch the Year 6 production in the morning and this year the Year Six are performing ‘A Midsummer’s Night Dream’ with one or two alterations. This is one of my favourite Shakespeare plays so I am really looking forward to watching it. I will also be fortunate to see it twice because the Year 6 will be performing it again in the evening for their families and friends before they have their leavers party which I know they are really looking forward to. They cannot celebrate too much though because they have to come in bright and fresh the next day for their ‘Leavers Assembly’. This can be quite an emotional time for them because they can get very sad at the thought of leaving us after so many years but we try to make it a celebration of their time here so they leave us with lots of happy memories.

On the Friday afternoon, as it is their last day, we have a leavers parade. For those of you who have been at the school for a while you will know that this consists of the whole school (apart from Year 6) forming two lines and then Year 6 (and any other people who are leaving the school) march down the middle to music and wave goodbye to everyone before they leave the school for good. The rest of the children then leave behind them so it means that all the children leave from the KS2 entrance on Friday so all parents need to come to this area. (Nursery and Reception children will still need to be collected from the Foundation block). It can appear a little crowded but all the teachers are present and Mr Spena and I stand on the main gates to ensure that none of the children escape.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. The good weather is still with us which is great. If it is going to be like this every summer we will not need to go abroad for our holidays. I am going to Wimbledon this weekend so I am very excited about that. I look forward to seeing you all again on Monday morning.

Friday, 6 July 2018

As I predicted last week we have had a very quiet week in school because the Year 6 have been in Kingswood. It is the same every year and you would not think that by having one class out that it would make such a difference but it has. I will be staying late in school to welcome them back and I expect they will all look very tired after their busy week. Mrs Zegallo has been keeping in close contact with the school and I know that all the children have had a wonderful time and will have made memories to last for the rest of their lives.

You will have received the information about our changes to the dates for next year. We do not make these changes lightly and have had to bring them in as we have had to alter some of our training as we have so many new members of staff. There are still the same amount of INSET days but it just means that our last day or term will now be July 23rd instead of July 19th.

As it is getting towards the end of term we have another busy week in school next week. On Monday we have a theatre company visiting us who will be reinforcing the importance of internet safety for the children through a play called ‘Where are you Johnny James?’. The Year 4 are going to be having an Anglo Saxon Day on Tuesday and on Thursday most of the Year 6 will be visiting their new secondary schools. We also take the opportunity to use this day for the children to meet the teachers that they will be having next year– our new Nursery and Reception children will also be joining us.

On Thursday evening parents will have the opportunity to meet their child’s next teacher at the ‘Meet the Teacher’ sessions which are at 4.30pm and 6.00pm. The letters have already gone out for these but I would like reinforce the fact that these meetings are for parents only. In the past some parents have tried to bring their children in but as all the staff are busy and there is no-one to supervise them this is not acceptable. I have had to send parents away from these meetings if they have brought children with them so I hope that I do not have to do it this year. Kids ’n’ Clubs are offering childcare for parents who attend the 4.30pm session but they will need to know by Tuesday, 10th July to guarantee your child a place.

The good weather is still with us and it is forecast to get even hotter over the weekend. However, no matter how hot it gets I am sure that there will only be a handful of people outside at 3.00pm on Saturday as England try and get through to the semi-finals of the World Cup. Even if football does ‘not come home’ though we will still be here on Monday morning. I look forward to seeing you all again then.

Friday, 29 June 2018

I am typing this blog amongst preparations for our Summer Fayre. I know all the children are very excited and really looking forward to it. The weather has been very kind to us all week and it looks like the weather is going to be really sunny tomorrow which is always good for a summer fayre. The current weather has been described as a heatwave. I was listening to a radio presenter discussing this and they were highlighting the fact that if it gets hot in this country we always describe it as a heatwave and then complain about the problems it brings whereas other countries describe this weather as summer and just get on with their daily lives – I am beginning to think that we need to start developing this attitude in this country.

We are celebrating some success this week because our school has won the ‘Potters Bar Primary Schools Rounder’s Tournament’. It is yet another trophy that we can add to our cabinet this year. I was even more pleased with the result when I found out that final was between our A and B team and although one team did have to lose I think we can definitely say that we are the dominant force in rounders in Potters Bar. We also took part in the Primary school athletics event this week and although we did not win overall, Ben in Year 6 broke the record for the quoit throw. I would like to congratulate all the children on their excellent performances and would like to thank Mr Mills again for all his hard work in training and organising the sports teams.  Next week he is just as busy as some of the children from Years 3 and 4 are taking part in a football tournament and some of the older children are taking part in a cricket tournament.

I was slightly disappointed one evening this week when I had to leave the school early and saw at least 3 cars parked on the zig-zag yellow lines. These lines are meant to have no cars parked on them between 8.00am – 5.00pm and they have been put in place for the safety of the children. I would like to remind parents that if traffic wardens come down to do a spot check (and they have done in the past) then owners of these cars will receive a parking fine – however a fine is nothing compared to the life of a child. I would also like to point out that if I have been attending a meeting and I return to school to find that there are no spaces in the car park then I park in another road and walk to school – I do not park on the zig-zag lines which would be much easier and quicker for me.

It has been our parent consultations this week and many of the parents that I have spoken to seem very pleased with the progress their children have made. I know parents are always eager to find out how their children are doing in school and it can be tempting to stay and talk to the teacher for more than the allotted time but thankfully most parents were very good and kept their discussions within the time limit. I think we were helped on Thursday night by the fact that England were playing and a lot of people were eager to get home to watch the match. Do remember though that you do not have to wait for parents evening to meet with the teacher and you can make an appointment at any time if you have any concerns that you wish to discuss with the teacher.

Next week is going to be much quieter in school because the Year 6 are away on their school journey to Kingswood on the Isle of Wight. They always look forward to this as it is one last great adventure for them before they leave us forever. It is only possible thanks to the goodwill of the staff who go with them (Mrs Zegalllo, Mrs Illot and Mr Spring) who willingly give up their free-time (and a lot of sleep) to make it possible. I know that they will all have a wonderful time and I look forward to hearing all about it on their return.

I am sure that I will see many of you at the summer fayre this weekend. If you do see me please stop to say hello – I do enjoy talking to you all.

Friday, 22 June 2018

The highlight of this week has been our annual ‘Sports Day’. Thankfully, the weather was really kind and allowed the event to go ahead without a hitch. I really enjoy this event because all of the children appear to be having a really good time -  even those for whom PE is not their favourite subject. Osborne were the champions this year and apparently they have not won it for a while so it is good that we do not have the same house winning it every year. For those who do not know the results I have listed them below:




I would like to thank all of the staff for helping to make ‘Sports Day’ such a success and I would like to give special thanks to Mr Mills for organising and planning the whole event. He cannot even start to relax now because he still has a lot of sporting events before the end of term - next week he has to take some of the children to a rounders tournament and The Potters Bar Primary Schools Athletic event.

Sports Day was not the only event that we held on Thursday as the governors held a breakfast so that parents could come and meet them to talk about the school. I know that all the governors found it a very enjoyable and informative meeting and will be acting upon some of your suggestions in the next few weeks.

We have been lucky this week because the weather has been so nice. It is apparently going to get even hotter next week. May I please remind you that when it is hot the children should put on sunscreen before they come to school and they should come to school with a bottle of water and sunscreen.

Next week is parent consultation week for Years 1 – 6 and so I know I will see many of you then. The consultations at this time of year are for you to see how much progress the children have made against the targets that were set for them in February. We are also introducing something new this year as we will be giving all parents a copy of how the children have achieved against their age related targets in reading, writing, maths and science. This is in response to parents asking to be given more information about how their children are doing in school and we hope that parents do find these sheets useful.

I hope you all have a pleasant weekend. The weather is going to be pleasant but I imagine that that will not bother many of you during Sunday lunchtime as many of you will be indoors watching England playing their second match in the World Cup. I hope they are successful because it does appear to raise everyone’s spirits when they are doing well.

Friday, 15 June 2018

There has been a very casual feel in school today because we have had a ‘mufti-day’ as the children have brought in donations for the summer fayre. As usual you have all been very generous and I would like to thank you all for all your kind offerings. It is only 2 weeks until the summer fayre and I k the children are all really looking forward to it. I know that the PTA would still like some more offers of help so if you can spare an hour on the day, or help with the set up or clearing up, the volunteer sign-up sheets are in the reception area.

Last weekend many of you took part in our walking float in the Potters Bar Carnival. Some members of staff and myself also took part and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. I had never been to the carnival before and I was really impressed by the whole event.  You will have seen all the pictures in our newsletter and how much the children enjoyed themselves. As well as the parade we took part in the art display and our girls played Wroxham boys in an exhibition match. They were supposed to play Cuffley girls but they could not make it and they played the boys instead. The girls put on a very impressive display and even though they were beaten 2-0 this was the same score line that Wroxham beat Pope Paul boys in their final - I think the boys were really surprised at how good our girls were. I would like to thank Mr Mills for organising and refereeing the football match and Mrs Robinson for organising our art display. We will certainly be taking part in the event next year.

I have to attend a lot of meetings next week so I will be missing from the gate in the early part of the week. However, I am sure that I will see many of you at Sports Day or the Governors Breakfast. Both events are due to take place on Thursday but if it rains, Sports Day will be cancelled but the Governors Breakfast will still take place. I hope that many of you can attend the breakfast as it will give you a chance to meet many of the governors and have an informal chat with them. They are really looking forward to it and really want to hear your thoughts about the school and any of your ideas for how we can make it a better experience for your children and yourselves.

The weather has been mostly good this week so let us hope it lasts over the weekend. As I said earlier I will not be at the gate on Monday morning but I will be in school a little later if you need to contact me.

Friday, 8 June 2018

I am typing this blog just before our dance presentation is due to start. The children have enjoyed learning all the traditional dances this week and I am sure that the display will be a real joy to watch. The two instructors, Jane and Jeremy, have been really pleased how all the children have engaged with the activities and having the dance workshops has helped to make the return to school a real pleasure. The children have also enjoyed all the art activities they have been carrying out in class and have produced some really lovely work. If you are at the carnival on Sunday you will be able to see some of the work at the art exhibition. Some of it is also being used for our walking float so if you observe the parade you will be able to see it then. I am also going to be in the walking float so if you see me as I walk past please do give me a wave.

We have had some more good news this week because our girls have won the Potters Bar Girls Football Tournament. Two teams took part and both did very well but when it got to the semi-final stage our ‘A’ and ‘B’ team had to play each other and the ‘ A’ team won. They then had to play Cuffley in the final and beat them 3-0 to win the tournament. I would like to congratulate all the girls who took part on their excellent performance and I would like to thank Mr Mills for coaching the teams so well. The girls football team is also taking part in a football tournament at the carnival on Sunday. The event will be taking place at the Elm Court Youth and Community Centre at approximately 2.30pm.


The next big sporting event that we have to look forward to is our own sports day which is on June 21st. The foundation and KS1 children have their event in the morning and the KS2 children have their event in the afternoon. If we are unable to hold it on that day, the reserve date is June 22nd.


Next week is another busy one in school. On Monday the photographer is in school to take team photographs so if your child has represented the school in any sporting event this year please ensure that they bring in their team kit on Monday. Year 5 are also doing their cycling proficiency award in school next week so you will see a lot of extra bikes in school. Year 2 are also on a school trip to the Environmental Centre in Watford and I know that they are all looking forward to that.


I hope you all have a great weekend. As I said earlier I will be at the Potters Bar Carnival on Sunday so I hope to see lots of you there.