Friday, 10 July 2015

At the end of another busy week in school I must admit that the prospect of a long holiday is certainly a welcome thought. Just one more week to go and the dream can actually become a reality. I have to admit that it does not feel like a whole year since the last summer break  - they do say that the years appear to pass more quickly as you get older so that does bode well for me – when the seasons all start to blend into one I will retire.

Last Saturday, as you know, was the Summer Fayre. Good fortune smiled down on the school because the weather was beautiful so the fayre was very well attended. Everyone I have spoken to has said what a brilliant day it was and I certainly agree with them. The PTA did an excellent job in organising the event and I have to give special thanks to Simon Hall and Emma O’Brien for co-ordinating the whole event. I would like to also thank everyone who contributed some of their time to help run a stall because without all that help the event would not have been possible. We do not know yet how much money has been raised as the silent auction only closes tomorrow but as soon as we have a total we will let you know. Early indicators about the amount raised have been very positive.

We have had a lot of people in school this week as all our new children who are joining us in September have been visiting us. Even though some of them are only a year younger than some of our other children they all appear very small but once they join us they soon become part of our community. All the other classes – with the exception of Year 3 and Year 4- have been in their new classrooms and have met their new teachers. Everyone appears to be very happy and looking forward to the new school year. Year 3 and Year 4 will meet their new teachers in their new classes next week.

The focus for the last week of term will all be on the Year 6 because they will be leaving us on Friday. They will be putting on a show for their parents, they are having a leaving party and they will have their Leavers’ Assembly on Friday morning. It is always sad when pupils move on  but we do wish them well in their new secondary schools.

Have a great weekend.  I will be spending most of my time sittting in front of the television as I love tennis and it is the finals at Wimbledon this weekend.

Friday, 3 July 2015

None of us can complain that summer has not arrived this week. It has certainly been hot and keeping the focus on learning is definitely challenging in these conditions. I was a little surprised to discover that some of the children were coming to school without water bottles or hats during the hot weather because they are essential in helping the children cope with the extreme conditions –the children should be bringing water bottles to school every day because drinking water frequently helps them to focus in lessons. During sunny weather the children should also come to school wearing sunblock and bring their own supply with them to reapply if you think it will be necessary for them to do so. We do take precautions to try to ensure your child’s welfare during the hot weather so please support us by sending your child in with the correct provisions to help protect them from the extreme conditions.

As you will remember last Friday was our Sports Day and some of you were kind enough to send in donations of cakes and biscuits to help the School Council raise money for playground equipment. I did say I would inform you of how much was raised in my next newsletter but unfortunately I did not have the total in time for that letter so I am delighted to tell you now that we raised a £100 from the sale of cakes (there was £230 raised in the total sale of refreshments but the rest of the money has gone to the PTA fund from which the school also benefits). I would like to thank everyone who sent in the donations of baked goods which allowed us to raise this impressive amount of money.

I have seen many of you in school this week because of the parent consultations. I hope you found the consultations informative and are pleased with the progress your child has made.  I know that the teachers enjoy being able to share your child’s learning with you and I know they will tell you that I do not say it enough but they have worked very hard this year to provide your child with a stimulating and enjoyable learning experience. The school is very lucky to have them as well as all the other staff who give their all to make Little Heath a great place for your children to learn.

I am typing this blog amongst big preparations for the summer fayre which is going to be tomorrow. I cannot believe it has come around so fast and I know it is going to be a great day. There are loads of stalls and fairground attractions as well as a barbeque, bar and lots of other foodstuffs so there is no need to have lunch before you come. I will be there supporting Mrs Zegallo as she take pictures of people with the Mustangs which we will have on display for the day. I hope to see many of you there.