Friday, 15 July 2016

Well the time is almost here – just one week to go and we have the long summer break ahead of us. It has been quite a chaotic week because we have had most of the Year 6 out for a day visiting their new schools and we have had all the new children in visiting us. It is hard to believe that when I first met the Year 6 they were as small as the new children that have been visiting us and I cannot believe 7 years have passed so quickly. It is true that you have to make the most of every moment of your children’s childhood because it is over in what seems like a moment.

All the other children met their new teachers this week and all appear very happy and excited for next year so that is good. Let us hope they feel as happy when they have to return to school in September after the long summer break. We are planning a themed ‘Arts’ Week’ for when they return to help make their first week back more enjoyable.

Next week will be primarily focused around the Year 6 because it is their last week. They are putting on a play for their parents on Thursday evening and this will be followed by their ‘Leavers’ Party’ which they are all really looking forward to. On Friday morning they have their ‘Leavers’ Assembly’ which can be quite an emotional occasion (especially for the parents). We will miss the children but we hope we have prepared them so they feel excited for the next stage of their education.

Have a great weekend. We have been promised some better weather but it is so unpredictable at the moment that you never know what to expect. I have a course on Monday morning which means I will not be on the gate on Monday morning so I will see you all again on Tuesday.

Friday, 8 July 2016

It has certainly been an unusual week this week in school – especially on Tuesday when I was in school with some of the staff and only the children in Year 2. I think that Year 2 were slightly dreading the day and felt a little hard done by  but they actually enjoyed having the school to themselves  -especially at lunchtime when they got their meal without having to queue and then they had the whole field to themselves.

I think this week also felt a little strange because nearly everyone was at school for the Summer Fayre on Saturday. Thankfully the weather was kind to us (apart from the last 10 minutes when we had a heavy shower) and the event was a huge success. At the moment I do not know exactly how much was raised as some people still have to claim expenses but when I do know I will inform you. Once again I would like to thank all the PTA for all the time they give up in helping to organise the fayre. I would like to thank all my staff and the other people who helped out on the day to ensure that it was a success. Finally, I would like to thank all the people who turned up and spent money at the fayre – like any good show it is not a success without an audience and if we did not have people enjoying themselves all the hard work in putting the fayre on would not be worthwhile.

On Wednesday after school some of the older children took park in the Primary Schools District Sports and I am very pleased to say that we came second overall. It was a very enjoyable event and the children who took part not only gave their best in their performances but also represented the school well with their behaviour. I would also like to thank Mr Mills for all his hard work in preparing the children for the event. 

I am pleased to say that the weather has been a little warmer this week and whenever this happens we always get more children cycling and coming on their scooters to school which is great. However, could I ask you all to remind your children that they must disembark from their bikes and scooters at the first gate of the school. This is because we have a lot of people walking in and out of the school and it is very easy to run over their feet with a bike or scooter in such a small space.

As the end of term gets ever closer the weeks get very busy for everyone but especially the Year 6. Next week most of them are visiting their new secondary schools and they are also very busy with their rehearsals for their end of year show which is ‘The Tempest’ this year. While they are out on Thursday we have our new reception and nursery children visiting the school and all the other classes meet their new class teacher for next year as well. The office is also a hive of activity at this time of year as well and I have been asked to remind you that if you have any outstanding money owing to the office if could you get it in as quickly as possible so they can balance all the accounts before the end of the year.

Have a great weekend – I am hoping that Andy Murray makes it into the men’s final at Wimbledon and wins because I think that after our dismal performance in the Euros we need some positive sporting achievement to help raise the spirits of the nation.

Friday, 1 July 2016

I know I probably say the same thing at this time of year but I cannot believe how little of the term is left. It is always so busy and I have so many meetings to attend and paperwork to complete that I need at least another 3 weeks more of term. My view would probably not be popular with the children but they do not need to worry because there is no chance that I will get my way.

I am typing this in the midst of preparations for our Summer Fayre. The PTA have worked very hard to put this event together and it looks like the weather is going to be kind to us which is great news. I hope to see as many of you there as possible because the more money we raise the better quality of education we can provide for your child. I will let you know how much money we raise as soon as I find out.

 I know many of you are going to be inconvenienced by next Tuesday’s strike action but the reason that it is taking place is because there have been so many cutbacks that many people who work in education are worried about how we are going to sustain the quality of learning that your child deserves . There are already some schools that are having to make cutbacks and in the near future we could be joining them unless something changes drastically. The NUT members have decided overwhelmingly to take action (and other unions could be following them) which is why we will only be open for one class next Tuesday. I could only totally close the school if I could not guarantee the safety of the remaining children on health and safety grounds and I can ensure this so we have to open.

Next week I will not be in on Monday and as many of you will not be here on Tuesday I will see all of you again on Wednesday. If you do need to contact me regarding any matters I will be here on Tuesday or you can make an appointment to see me at a convenient time. However, hopefully I will see you all at the fayre on Saturday. I will either be walking around or based at the sand pictures stall.