Friday, 25 November 2016

As I predicted in my blog last week it has been a really busy day in school today. It started with the Year 4 assembly this morning which was based on the history of Potters Bar. The children had planned and prepared it themselves and everyone I spoke to said how much they enjoyed it. I would like to thank all the children for putting on such a good assembly and I would also like to thank Ms Hassan and Miss Davis for all their efforts in supporting them.

The children were extra excited today because they had two big things going on in school today. The first was that it was a ‘Mufti Day’ and so they did not have to wear their uniform and in exchange for that they had to bring in a donation for our Christmas Bazaar which is next Friday.  The other event was the ‘Big Draw’ for which we invited parents in to draw with their children. I have spoken to some parents who joined us for this and they did say that they found it a most enjoyable experience.

As I mentioned above it is our Christmas Bazaar next Friday. It runs from 2pm – 5pm and everyone is invited to join us during this time. Lessons will be continuing as normal for the children but if you are arriving at the bazaar before the end of the school day and you want your child to join you then you can collect then from their classroom. If you cannot get to the bazaar before the end of the school day then the children will be dismissed at the normal time. After school club will be running as normal as well but on this day it will be based in the nursery. I hope this clarifies any misunderstanding that some parents may have had.

I have noticed recently that a few children in KS2 are coming into school without their ties. Ties are part of school uniform and need to be worn. The children tell me they have misplaced them and cannot find them and so can I also ask, as I have mentioned before, that all uniform is labelled clearly so that we can return any missing item to your child.

That is all for now. I hope you have a lovely weekend but I know that in the run up to Christmas weekends can get very busy with all the preparations that are necessary for the festive season. I hope you do manage to get some rest though and I look forward to seeing many of you at our bazaar next Friday.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Another busy week passes as we hurtle towards Christmas. We had a real treat in school this week as we had a visit in assembly from the some local cub and scout leaders. They were presenting silver scouting awards to some children in the school (which is a very good award for cubs to achieve) and they were also giving the. If you are interested in your children joining a scouting pack there are leaflets in the foyer rest of the children an outline of the activities that are provided for children through the scouting movement which will give you all the information that you need.

This week has also been ‘Anti Bullying’ week in school. This year the theme has been the ‘Power of Good’. To help remind the children of good deeds that they can do for others many of the children have written a message on a blue or silver tree bauble and these have been. This way they can get a daily reminder of things they can do to help others so the ‘Power of Good’ can be sustained throughout the whole year. hung on a trestle in the KS2 playground

Today we had a collection for ‘Children in Need’. As we were taking donations from parents I do not know the total at the moment but when I do I will let you know. 

Next week there is also a lot happening in school and it all seems to be happening on Friday. On that day we have the Year 4 assembly, the mufti day for our Christmas bazaar and it is our ‘Big Draw’ event. As it is a ‘Mufti Day’ the children have to bring in chocolate or wine to donate to the bazaar in exchange for not wearing their uniform. If you are donating wine it should be brought in by an adult. For the ‘Big Draw’ we are asking parents to come in during allocated slots to draw with their children. Art has been found to have many beneficial effects on children’s learning and well- being and if they see that their parents value art then it will encourage them to partake in art activities more frequently. Parents have been asking me that if they have two children in the school can they take them out at the same time and that is absolutely fine.

Have a great weekend – I am heading to the O2 to watch the tennis in the hopes that Andy Murray will sustain his world number one ranking – I hope he does not disappoint.

Friday, 11 November 2016

I have to admit that I am glad it is Friday. We have had a lot of staff absence this week and I am hoping that the weekend will allow everyone to rest and come back on Monday full of energy. Autumn is one of my favourite times of year but it is a shame that the lovely frost brings with it a wave of bugs and viruses which make people ill.

This time last week there was great anticipation about ‘Bonfire Night’ and from the comments of those that attended people were not disappointed. It was a great night and the weather was kind to us which also helps. We had one of our biggest attendances ever which will explain why we were so busy on the barbeque stall - the stream of people queuing never stopped until we had sold out of everything. I apologise if you were kept waiting for your food but I can assure you we were serving as fast as we could – I have new respect for people who work in fast food establishments. The good thing about us being so busy is that we should have raised a lot of money and as soon as we have the amount I will let you all know how much it is.

I would like to thank again all the members of the PTA who helped to organise the Bonfire Night and to all the people who helped them on the day (and with the clear up on Sunday morning) – without that support we would not been able to put on the events that we do and raise the money for school equipment that benefits all the children. The latest thing that we are in the process of purchasing is a new set of class cameras and a set of microphones to use with the computers. The PTA are also going to furnish our new foundation unit which has now gone out to tender and we are very optimistic that they are going to start building it in April 2017 – watch this space.

Have a great weekend and I will see you all again on Monday.

Friday, 4 November 2016

There is great excitement in the school because tomorrow is ‘Bonfire Night’ and many of the children are really looking forward to it. This follows the excitement that we had on Monday as it was Halloween and all the children were really looking forward to going ‘Trick or Treating’. This event always makes me feel old because it never happened when I was younger and it reminds me of how much everything has changed since I was a child. When I start thinking how much better things were when I was younger I will know that I am really old.

As usual the children have settled well back into school life after their holiday. Of course this is a very good term for them because so many good things happen in it and it will not be long before people start to mention the ‘C’ word. We have not talked about it yet in school although I do have to admit that some classes have started preparations for it so it will not be long before it is in the general conversation of the children. It seems to come round quicker every year but that could be another sign that I am getting older.

I have certainly noticed a change in the weather since I came back to school and I have seen frost for the first time this year. I was amazed though that some children have been in school without a coat. Unless the weather is really bad we do send them out at every playtime and lunchtime and they will need some outdoor garment for this. I know some children say they do not feel the cold and they may not do when they have been running around for a while but you can never tell how the weather is going to change so please make sure they have suitable clothes for the weather conditions.

That is all for now.  I will be in school for a lot of the weekend because of the firework display so I hope to see many of you then. If you want to see me I will be serving at the barbeque stand on Saturday night. Rain is not forecast but it is going to be cold so make sure you wrap up warmly.