Saturday, 27 October 2018

As I mentioned in my previous blog I was at a head’s conference last week and because of that I really do feel like half term has just suddenly arrived – I cannot believe that we have been at school eight weeks. They do say though that time flies when you are having fun so that must mean that I really enjoy being at Little Heath.

This week has been particularly busy because of all the parent consultations although it has been great to see so many parents in school. All those that I have spoken to appear really happy with the progress their children are making which is good as I know that my teachers work really hard to meet the needs of all your children. May I remind you that if you do have a concern about your child that you do not have to wait for a parent consultation to discuss it. You can make an appointment at any time to discuss your concerns with the class teacher or myself.

We are all really pleased that we will have the use of our school hall after the half term. It has been quite difficult to manage without it for eight weeks but we have succeeded to keep most events running in its absence. The builders are now starting the last phase of the project which includes the music room, the ICT room and the old Year 3 classroom which will become our new ‘tech’ room. The builders are confident that they will be finished by Christmas -two months ahead of schedule- which will be good as the school will be back to normal in the new year. However, they will be returning a little later in the spring term to complete works on the windows in the old part of the building so we will have to experience a little more disruption before the builders are gone for good. We should be pleased that the quality of the building is being improved which helps to improve the quality of the learning experience for your child.

I will not see you all next week as it is half term but I look forward to seeing you all again on Monday, 5th November. May I remind you all that when the children return all the KS2 pupils will need to be in winter uniform. I hope you all have a very enjoyable break.



Friday, 12 October 2018

I had to do a double take when I was setting the dates for next week because we are halfway through October – it does not seem like two minutes since the beginning of term. I think the good weather that we are still having is making my mind believe that it is still summer although I was not thinking that at the weekend when I was in Newcastle because autumn has definitely arrived up North.

The highlight in school this week was the presentation to the winner of the fireworks poster. This year it was Alana from Year 4 and she was really delighted to have won. The posters for our annual fireworks event, which is on November 10th, will soon be going up and you will be able to see the winning entry. As always, we did have lots of very good entries but when I put the finalists together there was something about Alana’s design which made it stand out from the rest so well done to her.

Unfortunately, I have to have a little moan about something. A parent has informed the school that two other parents in the small playground were hit in the head with footballs because children were playing football after school. A member of staff also informed me that when they were driving home two balls came into the road and children came out of the playground to retrieve them. Children were also scooting around unsupervised in the playground and they could have knocked somebody over. May I remind everyone that children should not ride any bike or scooter on the school grounds and should dismount from them before coming onto the school premises. Children should also not be playing football in either playground during the morning drop off or during the afternoon pick up. Could you please ensure that your children follow these rules so that nobody else incurs an injury. May I remind you as well that once children have been collected from the classroom they are the responsibility of the adult who collects them.

As I informed you through the newsletter we are holding a themed week around celebrating differences next week. Through this we hope to raise the awareness, tolerance and acceptance levels of the children of the many differences that exist between people in different ways so it should be a very exciting week in school. Unfortunately, I will only be around for half of it because I have to go to a Head’s Conference which starts on Wednesday. As I will not be in school I will not be writing a blog next week. If you have any concerns in my absence Mr Gradwell will be in charge or, if you do wish to speak to me, you can make an appointment to do so on my return.

I hope you all have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you all again on Monday morning.

Friday, 5 October 2018

I would like to start my blog this week by thanking all the generous parents of Little Heath. I have two reasons for doing this. The first is because we raised £1223.84 from the ‘Book Fair’ which is amazing. As we raised so much we can have 60% of this money to purchase books for the school.

My second reason for thanking our lovely parents is because of all the food that was donated today to support ‘The Sixty Plus’ charity which is based at the Wyllyotts Centre at Potters Bar. The club supports the elderly with a weekly luncheon club and also provides an escorted mini-bus service for those who require assistance. I am very happy that the school is supporting a local charity and your donations will make a big difference to the people who attend the club.

Next week in school the winner of the fireworks poster competition will be awarded their prize on Thursday morning by the chair of the Brookmans Park Rotary Club. It is always a thrill for the child who wins but this presentation also helps to notify the Little Heath community that it will soon be time for our annual fireworks display. This is always a very popular event and this year we are holding it on November 10th because the school will still be on the half term break on the previous Saturday. The tickets for this event will soon be on sale so please make sure that you purchase them early so that you will not be disappointed. If you can also help set up this event or help out on the night that would be great as an event like this takes a lot of manpower to make it successful. It is a great fundraiser for the school though and last year we raised over £5000 which makes a big difference to the resources that we can provide for your child in school.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. The forecast is not brilliant but I am sure that will not stop us enjoying ourselves.