Thursday, 1 March 2012

I am publishing my blog a day earlier this week as I am out of school on Friday. There has been a lot of ‘coming and going’ in school this week due to the parent consultations and the ‘Book Fair’. I have received a lot of positive comments from the teachers regarding the parent consultations and all the parents I spoke to seem very happy with the progress their children are making. I would like to also thank everyone who purchased an item from our ‘Book Fair’. I do not at this point know exactly how much we have raised for the school but I do know that we will be purchasing a lot of new books for our library thanks to the generosity of our parents.

There have been an increasing number of children using scooters to come to school which is a good thing but I have received a couple of complaints about people being hit by scooters while they drop off and pick up their children. Therefore I would like to ask parents that they make sure their children treat their scooters like bikes and dismount from them before they enter the school.

On Wednesday 7th March the PTA are holding a ‘Zumba Night’ in the school hall at 7.00pm. If you fancy having some fun as well as getting fit there are still places available. Booking forms are available from the school office.

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