Friday, 30 September 2016

I am typing this blog after our Harvest Festival. It is always a really busy occasion but one that I really enjoy. One reason is because of all the cake (obviously) but the second reason is that it is a good way to see many parents and chat to them in a slightly informal setting. The children really enjoy the occasion because they like it when their families and friends join them in school (the cake probably has something to do with it as well for them).  I do apologise to the Year 1 and Year 2 parents as I could not stay for their time slot as I had to attend an appointment I could not get out of.

This year the money raised is supporting two charities. One of them is ‘pha’ which stands for the ‘Pulmonary Hypertension Association’ and it is a serious condition caused by high blood pressure which cannot be measured by normal blood pressure equipment and people who suffer from it have to undergo a lung transplant. Unfortunately, not all the people with this condition are suitable for a transplant and even after a transplant the condition can prove fatal. The association is quite a new charity and it is one that we thought was well worth supporting.

The second charity that was selected was ‘Water Aid’. This charity works at ensuring that every person in the world has access to clean water – a fact we take for granted here. When we know how much money we raised I will inform you.

The event this morning would not have been possible without help from the PTA and I would like to thank them for all their support. The next big event organised by the PTA is the firework event on November 5th. This requires a huge amount of organisation and so if you could even offer your help for an hour the PTA would really appreciate it. A letter will be coming out soon for you to state when you can help or you could inform the school office and they will inform the members of the PTA.

I cannot believe that next week it is October although there has been a definite change in the weather this week –especially in the morning. I think it is time to be getting the winter clothes out of storage. I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend.

Friday, 23 September 2016

After the rain of last week it is certainly nice to be writing this blog in better conditions –the summer certainly seems to be hanging on for a little longer – long may it last. Everyone is now very settled in school and it is difficult to believe that the children have only been back for a few weeks and are in new year groups. It just goes to show what a good job the teachers do in settling the children back into school life.  

Next week there is quite a lot happening in school. On Wednesday the photographer will be in school taking pictures of family groups and all the children individually. As I mentioned in my newsletter this would be a good time to make sure your children make an extra effort with their appearance because it will be a whole year before the photographer returns again. After school, on the same day, some of the older girls will be taking part in a netball tournament at Mount Grace.

On Friday we are having our Harvest Festival in school and I look forward to seeing many of you there. The timeslots for the various year groups were included on the newsletter but I must emphasize that these are only guidelines and if you have two children in the school you can pick the slot that is most convenient to you and all your children can join you for that time. The PTA normally helps us run this event but they are having difficulty finding volunteers at the moment. If you could spare some time to support this event please either contact the PTA or let the school office know of your availability.

The school week then spills into the weekend because some of the older children are taking part in a football tournament on Saturday morning at Mount Grace. Even though it is a school event on a non-school day I am sure they will all have a good time.

With all that going on I will certainly be kept on my toes next week. I also have a couple of meetings to attend out of the school so I am sure that the week will fly. Enjoy your weekend.

Friday, 16 September 2016

I know I often say this but I cannot believe it is Friday again. There has been so much happening in school this week that time has absolutely flown by. As well as our ‘Meet the Teacher ‘ sessions which some of you attended last night we had a ‘Road to Rio’ workshop in school in which most of the classes participated. Each of them was given a different country and had to learn a traditional dance from that country. They then presented their dance to the rest of the school in a closing ceremony at the end of the day which is why some of the children were a little late out and for that I apologise.

As I mentioned earlier l saw some of you last night at our ‘Meet the Teacher’ sessions. All the parents I spoke to appeared very happy with their sessions as they feel it is nice to touch base with the class teacher early in the term and know what the expectations for the year are. I am sorry that Year 5 parents did not have a session as Mr Da Rocha has been struck down with a virus this week but we will hold a session for those parents next week. Although it is early in the term we have already had a number of children take ill in school. May I remind you that if your child does contract a stomach bug they should be absent from school for 48 hours. Eg. If your child is sick or has diarrhoea on a Monday the earliest that they should return to school is Wednesday.

I have had some information passed onto me that I feel I should share with you this week. A child at another school was at a skate park on their scooter when they fell off and sustained a head injury because they were not wearing a helmet. I was then informed of another child who was on their scooter and was racing along the pavement when they fell off and landed in the road and they were so far ahead of their parent that somebody else had to stop cars running over them. I am passing these stories on as a cautionary tale because although it is great that children use scooters they need to take the same precautions as if they were riding a bike and wearing a helmet is always a good idea. Parents also need to make sure that if young children are on scooters they do not race too far ahead (or go too fast) because they still need close supervision – especially in the proximity of a busy road.

School has also felt extra busy this week because all the clubs have started up again which always pleases the children. As it is the autumn term we have started our winter activities which are designed to warm the children so they have really been suffering this week with the heat as they play rugby, netball and football. The Year 6 have also been out on their bikes every day completing their cycling proficiency but I suppose it is better to cycle in the hot sun than in the rain which some had to do today.

We have a more normal timetable taking place in school next week so it should be a little calmer. Have a good weekend and I will see you all on Monday.

Friday, 9 September 2016

This is my first blog of the academic year and I would like to start by welcoming you all back. I hope you all had a fabulous holiday and feel re-energised and enthusiastic for the new term. The children have settled back into school very well and although they may be a few grumbles with you at home for having to get up so early they are being very positive at school. I hope their enthusiasm can be sustained because it is a long term.

Next week school becomes even more exciting because all the extra - curricular activities start up again – make sure you have returned your letters so your children can join the clubs they have selected. We are very fortunate at Little Heath in that we have such a large selection of after school clubs which the children really enjoy. On a less positive note I did notice last year that a small group  of parents were regularly late in picking up their children from the clubs. Although we are aware that they may be very good reasons why a parent is delayed on some occasions I would ask that you are on time to pick up your children from their clubs. The staff are already being generous in giving up their time to provide the extra-curricular activities for your child and to keep them waiting on a regular basis is, I think, a misuse of their goodwill.

Next week in school we also have our ‘Meet the Teacher’ sessions which are a good opportunity for you to touch base with your child’s class teacher and see what is expected of them for the year ahead.  We make them for parents only because it gives parents a chance to ask questions that they may not like to ask in front of children. If you have problems with childcare our after school club, ’Kids n Clubs’ is offering a child care service for the first session at 4.30pm (you need to ensure you contact them by Tuesday, 13th September if you would like to book your child a place. Contact with them can be made through the school office). If you are unable to make either of the sessions you will be able to find out the information from the evening on your child’s class blog – there is no need to book a separate time with the teacher to find out the information. You will get a chance to discuss your child’s individual progress with their teacher in October.

That is all for now. Hopefully the good weather will last so we can pretend it is still summer. See you all on Monday.