Friday, 28 February 2014

I have had a very busy this week but one of the benefits of that is I cannot believe it is Friday and the weekend is ahead of me. If all the weeks pass as quickly as this one it will be Easter before we know it. One of the more enjoyable things that I did this week was join the foundation stage children on their trip to Cuffley Camp. A great time was had by all, especially the children who all left the camp a little muddy and rather tired but all very happy. Some of them were even excited by the coach journey to and from the camp even though it only lasted about ten minutes – perhaps we need to organise a trip on a bus so they can enjoy that experience again!

As you will all know the school reports went home today (apart from the reception class).  I know it can be an anxious time for a parent receiving this but after having read them the reports I do not think that anybody has anything to really worry about. The teachers do put a lot of time and thought into the reports and so I would ask you that you do focus on the comments rather than the grades because research has shown that the most positive thing you can do to help move a child’s learning on is to focus on the progress they have made and what they need to do to improve rather than where they are now.

Next week there is again a lot happening in school. We have a Sharing Assembly on Monday and Year 2 have their class assembly on Friday. There are some dance and healthy eating workshops taking part in Year 1 and Year 5 and some Year 6 children are going to be attending a maths event at another school. On Thursday it is World Book Day when all the children can come to school dressed as a monster or a fairy in exchange for bringing in an item to put on the tombola stall in the summer.  I also have a lot of meetings and committees to attend so I imagine next week is going to fly by like this one.

Have a good weekend and I will see you all again next week.


Friday, 14 February 2014

At last the half term is here. I know it has only been a six week half term but it has been quite a busy one for us and then with all the complications caused by the boiler room flooding I am very happy that we are having a break. I am also feeling a little achy but that could be down to all the dancing I did at the Valentine discos or just the fact that I am getting older – I hope it is the former.

It was good to see so many parents at our ‘Open Afternoon’ to look at all the children’s work. I know parents love to see how their children are doing and the children love to share their learning with their parents so it is always an enjoyable time. As I mentioned earlier we then had our Valentine’s  discos. I would like to thank the PTA for organising them and to all the staff for helping out at them. These extra events all help to make the school a more exciting place for the children to be in.   

It is only a short blog this week as I have sent out a newsletter this week. Let us hope that over the half term the weather improves and that we do not see rain again until the autumn. Have an enjoyable break and I will see you all again on Monday 24th February.

Friday, 7 February 2014

The big news today is that I have had to close the school so as I am sat here typing this at school everyone else is at home or staying with relatives or friends. I am sorry for the late notice but I had trouble getting to school myself because of flooded roads (as did other members of staff) and so was slightly late getting into school. I was then presented with the news that the boiler room was flooded and we had no heating or hot water.  The school was not too cold so I thought I could still stay open but when I rang county for advice about the boiler I was told that I should close the school immediately as there was a danger all the electrics could blow and cause an explosion. We now have 3 days to sort the problem so hopefully we will be open on Monday but if there are any problems we will let you know as soon as possible.

Anyhow, let us hope all is well next week as we do have a lot happening in school.  On Monday the Parents’ Council is a holding a meeting at 7.30pm to which all parents are invited to attend. If you can make it they would love to see you because the more parents that engage with them the more representative they will be of all the parents’ views.  On Wednesday we are holding our half termly Open Evening for parents to look at their children’s books – this will be from 3.00pm-4.30pm. On the same evening the PTA are also holding Valentine Discos for the children. The Foundation/KS1 disco is from 5.00pm – 6.00pm and the KS2 disco is from 6.15 – 7.15pm -you will have already received details about these.

Last night we held our first ‘Family Maths Night’ which was designed for Foundation/KS1 children although older siblings were allowed to come. All those who attended said what a very enjoyable evening it was and I would like to thank all the staff and Year 6 who attended for their support with the event.  I would especially like to thank Mrs Sarah Hopkins who organised the whole event. There is another one planned for March 20th but this time the activities are designed for KS2 children although younger siblings will be able to attend.

I am glad to say that some parents have been taking advantage of our system to be able to e-mail the teachers (and me) directly but unfortunately it has come to my attention that our system has been not working properly and a couple of e-mails have not be getting through to us. In recent months county did switch our e-mail provider and I know of a quite a few schools that have had some issues with the system which county have been working on. I have let them know that some of our e-mails have not been getting through so hopefully it will be sorted. However, in the meantime, if you do e-mail the school and you do not get a response please do contact us because it could be that we have not received it and you may need to send it to us again.

Once again I am sorry for having to close the school. I know the children will be delighted at having an extra day off but as a working parent I do know how inconvenient these disruptions are. Hopefully I will see you all again on Monday.