Thursday, 24 March 2016

It feels very surreal today because it is almost Easter and we are not breaking up for the end of term – I hope I remember to come in on Tuesday. I have to admit though it is good to have a mini-break before the main holiday.

The Easter break did get off to a good start at school with the Easter Egg Hunt organised by the PTA. A lot of children took part and although I was unable to attend I have had loads of good feedback from them. There was also an Easter bonnet competition and the standard was so high that they had to award two prizes. I certainly think that the children hope that this will become an annual event. I would like to thank all the members of the PTA who once again gave up their time to host an event for the school. They certainly help improve the quality of the extended curriculum at Little Heath as well as raising money to improve the quality of provision for our pupils.   

Even though it is only a short week next week there are still plenty of things going on in school. There is the much anticipated performance of ‘Hoodwinked’ which is being put on by Years 3, 4 and 5. I have been present for some of the rehearsals and it is a very good show. I know all the children are very eager to perform it for their families and friends and I know you are all going to enjoy it. May I remind you that as seating is limited no pupils from Little Heath can come to the Thursday night performance so please do not bring them with you because you will not be able to stay for the show.  All the pupils in the school will see ‘Hoodwinked’ on Tuesday. Pre-school children are able to attend the Wednesday afternoon performance.

As well as ‘Hoodwinked’ we have a ‘Sharing Assembly’ on Friday morning and an ‘Open Afternoon’ on Wednesday afternoon. We also have some classes attending the last of our horse riding sessions which are another thing which have been hugely popular with the children. Many of them are wanting to take up horse-riding which justifies our expenditure on the activity as we have encouraged the children to want to take up a sporting activity. I would like to thank Mrs Robinson and Mr Mills for organising the horse-riding for the pupils.

Enjoy your long weekend. I hope the Easter bunny pays you a visit and I will see you all again on Tuesday morning – possibly looking a little plumper after consuming lots of chocolate Easter eggs.

Friday, 18 March 2016

It is nice to sit down and type this after a very active morning. As you all know it is Sports Relief today and to mark the occasion we had a ‘Family Mile’ this morning. It was a very enjoyable event and I would like to thank everyone who took part and made a donation to ‘Sports Relief’ either with cash or cakes. I would also like to thank Mr Mills for organising the event and the PTA for serving refreshments.

We also had another treat this morning with the Year 2 Assembly which was about the foods we eat. It was a very enjoyable performance and what pleased me was that the children enjoyed it as well.  As well as all the effort from the children it would not have been possible without a lot of hard work from the staff and so I would like to thank Mr Spring, Mrs Wells, Mrs Pittson and Miss Prendergast for all their efforts in putting the assembly together.

I am afraid I have to have a moan this week because we have had a little trouble this week with people parking in front of the school again. Since we started using the cones people have been very good in not parking in front of the school but just recently we have had a couple of people parking too close. One person even moved a cone so they could turn around to drive out so if you need to do this you are parking inappropriately. I have also had a complaint from a school neighbour that people are blocking access to their property whilst they are waiting to pick up their child. It is illegal to block the access to someone’s property and I have told him that if they do it again he should inform the police.   We have the parking restrictions in place for the safety of the children and I would hate for an accident to have to occur before everyone starts following them.

Due to the early Easter break next week is a four day week which I am sure everyone is looking forward to. Before that though there is still plenty happening in school. On Monday we have the Mathletics meeting for all parents in Reception through to Year 4. We have heard very good things about this programme and the positive impact it can have on children’s mathematical understanding. We are going to be trialling it for two weeks and we need your input to let us know how effective it is. The meeting is starting at 2.40pm. We were due to have a ‘Sharing Assembly’ on Monday but rather than having some parents coming into school for 2 different events at 2 different times we decided to postpone the Sharing Assembly until Thursday, 1st April.

On Wednesday we have the Easter Egg Hunt which has been organised by the PTA and starts at 3.30pm. I know this is going to be a fun activity which all the children will enjoy and I hope to see many of you there. If you have not done so already please make sure you return your participation form to the PTA box which is found at the main office

 As well as these events some of the classes are also going to be starting their horse riding activity so with so much going on it is good that we have a short week so we can have a long weekend to rest. Enjoy your weekend and I look forward to seeing you all again next week.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Another week has flown by as the term hurtles towards the Easter break – thankfully we are seeing some sunshine so hopefully the nice weather may help us believe that Easter really is coming.

It has been quite a straightforward week in school apart from the Year 5 being at Lincolnsfield. They were there from Monday to Wednesday and had a great time. I found it amusing that when I went to see them on their return I was trying to have a conversation with them about what it was like but all I was getting from them was one word answers because they were so tired. I am sure they all slept very well on Wednesday night. I would like to thank Miss Kenwell, Mrs Fordham and Mrs Reynolds for giving up their time to organise and take the children on the trip. Mrs Fordham was celebrating a special birthday while she was at Lincolnsfield so it was good of her to still go on the trip but the children had a little celebration for her while she was there to help her feel special.

Next week we have another special event in school because it is ‘ Sports Relief’ on Friday, 18th March. To help support the occasion we are selling ‘Sports Relief’ wristbands in school (and we could do with selling a few more) for a £1. Then, on the actual day, as you were informed in a newsletter, the children can come dressed to school in sports- wear. We are then holding a ‘Family Fun Run’ and we would like as many parents as possible to join us. It will start with a dance warm up which the children have been learning in PE but all parents can join in and your children will help you with the moves. It will be followed by a run of about one mile within the school grounds. All parents who participate will be asked to make a donation to Sports Relief. We hope to see many of you there. In my original letter I said the event would start at 9.15am but it will now take place at 9.30am as it is Year 2 assembly on that morning as well. The PTA will be serving tea and coffee on the day and we are also asking for donations of cakes and biscuits to sell. These can be brought into school either on Thursday or Friday morning. Remember, all money raised does go to ‘Sports Relief’.

Quite appropriate for ‘Sports Relief’ day is the fact that we starting our horse riding sessions. All children will receive a letter so that they know what to take and which day they are going on. On Friday it will be some of the children from Reception and Year5. As you will remember we are not charging you for this as we are using our Sports premium money to pay for this activity.

Another event for the children to look forward to is an ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ which the PTA are organising. It is going to be held on Wednesday, 23rd March at the end of the school day. More details will follow in a letter from the PTA next week.

Have a great weekend. I am going to be very busy as it is my husband’s birthday and he likes to celebrate it like he is still thirteen.



Friday, 4 March 2016

I mentioned in my blog last week that it was going to be an action-packed week in school and it certainly has. I did not realise that I was going to be out of school so much this week - I feel as if I should have left a photograph of myself so that people in school could remember what I looked like!

Yesterday there was great excitement in school as it was ‘World Book Day’. Thank you for putting the children in such great costumes - they looked amazing!  The ‘Welwyn and Hatfield Times’ came to take pictures of the children but when they arrived they only wanted a couple of groups consisting of 3/4  children and we did not think this was very fair so we sent them away. The teachers did take photographs of all the children so hopefully you will be able to see these on the class blogs.

On Wednesday the choir performed at the Wembley arena as part of a ‘Voice in a Million’ concert. It was a very long day for the children but they all sang really well and did the school proud. A lot of the parents of the choir came to watch and found it to be a very enjoyable experience. I would like to thank Miss Kenwell and Mrs Robinson for all their hard work in preparing the choir for the occasion.

I am sad to announce that Mrs Edwards from the school office is leaving as she has decided to retire. I know you will join with me in thanking her for all she has done for Little Heath and wish her well for the future. She will be leaving us at the end of this term and after Easter Mrs Jo Munn will be joining us in the school office.

That is all for now. Next week looks less jam-packed than this week but when I think that it rarely turns out that way. Have a great weekend!