Friday, 26 June 2015

I am only writing a very short blog this week as I have been busy today with Sports Day. It has been a very successful event and I would like to offer my congratulations to everyone in Frampton for winning the trophy. Even though the other houses did not win I could tell that everyone was ‘giving it their all’ and appeared to be having a huge amount of fun at the same time. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to making Sports Day such a good day but I would particularly like to thank Mr Mills who has spent all week organising and co-ordinating the event. I would also like to thank everyone who sent in donations of cakes. They were very popular and I will inform you in my next newsletter of how much money we managed to raise for playground equipment.

The next important social occasion that is taking place is our Summer Fayre which is going to take place on Saturday, July 4th from 12.30pm – 3.30pm. This is always a big event in our school calendar and I know that this year will not disappoint. If you can contribute some time I know that the PTA would be very grateful and you can let them know by putting a note in the PTA box which is found in the entrance to the main school. We also want as many people as possible to attend so that we can raise as much money as possible so bring along all your families and friends as well.

Next week is also ‘Parent Consultation Week’ when I know I will see many of you when you come in to discuss your children’s learning with their teacher.  I know there is always a lot to discuss but remember that the teachers have many parents to see so if you feel there is something you need to discuss in more depth please make an extra appointment to see the teacher at another time. If even a few people run over their time by just a couple of minutes it can cause havoc with the timetables and everyone ends up being late. 

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Friday, 19 June 2015

I cannot believe I am writing my blog again because it does not seem 5 minutes since I wrote the last one – the weeks are certainly flying by at the moment.  Summer also seems to have finally arrived and I am actually into my summer wardrobe. I do not like to feel the cold and I have to be really assured that it is going to be warm before I cast aside my winter woollies –I hope my optimism has not been misplaced.

Plans for the Summer Fayre on July 4th are now well underway and I know it is going to be a brilliant day – hopefully the weather will be kind to us. I would like to thank everyone for the donations that were sent in last week - your generosity will certainly help to make the fayre a success. Every Friday between now and July 4th the PTA will be putting out a table at the beginning and end of the school day so that people can purchase the wristbands in advance for the fair rides. We still need more support to help run the stalls on July 4th so if you are able to help please let the PTA members know on Friday and they will give you a job. Remember that the more money the school raises the more the children’s learning will benefit through excellent resources and accommodation.

Next week on Friday it is Sports Day. I have had one or two parents who still think it is Thursday 25th June as opposed to Friday 26th June but I have checked my newsletters and I did inform parents on February 5th that it was changed to June 26th. The KS1 event will be in the morning and starts at approximately 9.15am and the KS2 event is in the afternoon and starts at 1.30pm. Parents, family and friends are all most welcome to come attend and support your child. It is run as a carousel event with some track events at the end. I would like to remind everyone that for the track events you need to stay behind the temporary fence that we put up so that we can ensure the safety of the children.

The School Council are in the process of raising money to help purchase more play equipment for the playground. To help them do this they would like to a hold a ‘Bake Sale’ on Sports Day. If you would like to support them with this they would be grateful if you could sent in cakes and biscuits for them to sell on Sports Day. As a number of our children suffer from food allergies we would be grateful if you could list the ingredients they contain. You may send the baked goods into school on either Thursday 25th June or on the morning of the 26th.

That is all for now. Hopefully the fine weather will last over the weekend and I will see you all again on Monday.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

I am publishing my blog a day early because I am on an all-day course tomorrow. I find it hard to believe that it is almost the weekend again because I have had a week that has been packed with meetings and appointments so it has just flown by.

The second half of the summer term is always filled with sporting events and since I last wrote my blog the children have taken part in two. Last Friday afternoon we took part in the Potters Bar Primary Schools Football tournament and last night we took part in School Districts Sport. We finished an impressive second in both. In the football final it was just eight seconds from the final whistle when the other team managed to score a goal against us. Although we did not win the District Sports trophy some of the children managed to break the district record in their individual events. I would like to thank all the children who took part in these events and to Mr Mills for all his work in preparing them. In the week we are due to take part in a cricket and girls’ football tournament so I will let you know next week how we do in these.

Enjoy the sunshine and I will see you all again on Monday.


Friday, 5 June 2015

Summer, at last, appears to have arrived as we enter the last part of the school year. Sunny weather always makes everybody more cheery and energetic so let us hope that it remains this way for the rest of the term. I know some of the children like to think that the school year is just about over at this point but as I reminded them in assembly on Monday they still have seven weeks of work to complete before they start their holidays. We also have an awful lot of events to pack into this time such as Sports Day and Parent Consultation Meetings so we need a long half term to fit everything in.

Some of you may have noticed that we have a new seat in the KS2 playground where you drop off and collect the children. This was bequeathed to us by a lady called Patricia Kirk. She wanted to donate a seat to the school after her death because she had such happy memories of the time she spent in the school during the 1930s. That was before the Second World War so it is a pity we did not know of her existence before her death because it would have been really interesting to talk to her and discuss how the school had changed. It was lovely of her to leave us a gift and I am sure many a tired parent will be grateful for it when they feel the need to sit down while they wait for their children.

One of the first things that I had to do this week was to attend a meeting about the Summer Fayre which, as you know, is on Saturday, July 4th from 12.30pm -3.30pm.  Plans are well underway for this event and all we require is more manpower to help set up and run the stalls on the day. Letters have been sent home to you on which there is a form that you can fill in to volunteer your help. If everybody could just give an hour it would make it a very easy event to run and even if you cannot help during the actual fayre it would be great if you could give an hour on the Friday night to help set up or a little bit of time after the fayre has finished to help clear up. The competition for the poster/programme cover will be judged on Monday and we will be announcing the winner of that next week. We are also holding the ‘Mufti Day’ next Friday when the children come to school in their normal clothes if they make a donation to the school fayre. A list of the donations you can send in is on the letter that was sent out to you by the PTA this week.

As I said earlier, the second half of the summer term is always busy and next week is no exception. As well as the ‘Mufti Day’ on Friday there are the ‘Primary School Athletics’ on Wednesday night at Mount Grace and on Friday some of the older children are taking part in a cricket tournament at Potters Bar Cricket Club on Friday afternoon.

Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you all again on Monday.