Friday, 25 January 2019

Winter definitely arrived this week in Little heath as we had our first significant snowfall of the year – about a centimetre and a half of snow fell very quickly over Potters Bar on Tuesday night but from the children’s reactions the next day you would have thought it was about half a metre. They were not allowed to make snowballs as there was so little snow but we did have a couple of children who attempted to do this and we soon stopped it from continuing –they were more ice balls than snowballs which are far too dangerous to be thrown.

Apart from the snow it has been pretty much business as usual in school. I have had builders in this week to talk about the window repairs/replacements that they are going to carry out in the school. This work is expected to be carried out in the old part of the school over the Easter break and then they expect to finish the rest of the windows in the school later in the year.

We are also in the process of transforming our additional classroom into a technical room for the school so the children can use it for lessons such as art, D & T and food technology. This will be a great addition to the school and we will upload pictures onto our website when it is completed. Funds from the PTA are being used to pay for this so I would like to thank them for all their hard work in raising this money to make it possible.

I hope you all have a great weekend – it is expected to get a little warmer so at least that is good news and for those who do not like the cold it is February next week so Spring is getting closer. I look forward to seeing you all again on Monday.

Friday, 18 January 2019

The spring term is in full swing and Christmas seems a long time ago – it is amazing that something that can dominate your life for so long can pass by so quickly. The weather, which has been quite good so far, has certainly let us know that we are in the middle of winter this week – we even had some light snow yesterday morning which  excited the children but not me – I hate having to make the decision about closing the school. May I remind you that if we do have to close the school for any reason we will inform you by text as soon as possible. I will only close it as a last resort but I do ask that you have contingency plans in place for bad weather because the British weather can change very quickly and we sometimes have to close the school at short notice.

I am going to apologise in advance but I need to have a little moan. I have noticed that some children are not coming to school in the correct uniform. A number of children are wearing coloured socks instead of plain grey and I am seeing too many children wearing earrings. We only allow children to wear earrings when they first get their ears pierced and even then they need to keep them covered in tape to protect the earrings from getting caught and injuring the children. Once their ears have healed they are not allowed to wear earrings in school. Parents will be getting texts if we notice any breaches in school uniform.

All the school clubs started this week which always gives the school a good vibe. The netball team even managed to play one of their fixtures and I am pleased to announce that we won one game and just lost another. I am sure that we will experience lots more success as the season proceeds.

On Monday I will be in late so I will not see you on the school gate but I do hope that you all have a great weekend. I look forward to seeing you all at the gate on Tuesday morning.

Friday, 11 January 2019

I would like to start my blog by wishing you all a happy new year. Unfortunately, I was not around at the end of term to wish you a merry Christmas which was why I did not write a blog on the last day as my father was very ill. Thankfully, after being in hospital for the whole of the Christmas holiday, he is now recovering but still very weak. When I did return to my office I got a lovely surprise though as I had received many gifts and cards for Christmas. I would like to thank everyone who sent me gifts for their kindness -  they certainly helped to put a smile on my face.
Moving on to more cheerful topics we have had a very good start to the term. The children all appear quite happy, although one or two of them have told me that they are finding the early starts difficult to get used to – I am sure that by next week they will be used to getting up early again. The dark mornings do not help but I like to try and remain positive by knowing that the days are getting longer and we will soon have the light mornings back.
All the extra - curricular clubs start next week so if your child attends one of these please ensure that they bring in all the equipment they need for the activity. Can you also ensure that your children have their PE kits in school for the whole week. Some children did not bring in their PE kits when they returned on Wednesday even though PE lessons started as normal on this day.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all again on Monday.