Friday, 1 February 2013

I am speaking to you this week after the school’s performance at the 02 and I have to tell you I am feeling pretty elated. It was a wonderful experience for the pupils involved (and me) and for a short time we got to experience what it must feel like to be in a rock band. Although we all felt tired the next day everyone involved agreed that all the effort had been worthwhile. We had some super support at the 02 from friends and families and I would like to thank everyone involved who helped make it a fabulous day. As I said last week most of the credit must go to Mr Hill and Mrs Richardson for all their hard work in preparing the choir and praise must also go to the children who performed - they were a credit to the school.

We have also experienced some warmer weather this week (thank goodness) and it is good to see more children walking and coming on their scooters and bikes to school. However I must remind all children who use scooters or bikes that they must dismount them before they come on the school premises. I have had a couple of complaints from parents this week about children riding their scooters in front of the bike shed while they are waiting to come into school. This is extremely dangerous and I want this to stop. It has also come to my attention that some children are on the school premises at about 8.15am in the morning. We do not open the school gates until 8.40am and pupils (apart from the Year 6) should not be arriving on the premises much before this time. We will be contacting the parents of children who persistently arrive before this time.

Let us hope that the better weather lasts with us through February. We have managed to complete a few football fixtures and hopefully the netball programme will be able to start soon. I will probably see some of you at these events soon.

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